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Indian Beauty

1. Indian Beauty

19 Dec 2016

Resha and her friend sent us this short set. It’s home-made, far from professional quality, but she looks great. So for once, please excuse the low technical quality. Resha’s exotic beauty and bright pink cunt makes up for it!

Lick This!

2. Lick This!

5 Jan 2014

Two beautiful Watch4beauty models – Lola and Paula Shy – are trying their lesbian skills. And we must say they both are very talented and willing to learn!

A few days ago we showed you a hot lesbian performance featuring Lola and Paula Shy. Let’s continue with this topic – here’s a backstage video an…

Colombian Beauty

3. Colombian Beauty

22 Jul 2016

Lea sends greetings from exotic Colombia! She just wanted to say hi to our members and tell you that she will soon shoot a proper masturbation scene. Stay tuned!

The Art Of Pee

4. The Art Of Pee

2 Jan 2017

We love capturing the most intimate moment – the act od peeing – in photos and videos. We made a lot of material of lovely golden streams over the years, and now we put them all together in one, big, easy to browse collection. Enjoy it all!

Click here to view all peeing!

Katrina's Selfies

5. Katrina's Selfies

9 Dec 2016

Katrina sent her home-made set she made for us. If you are missing this cute babe, we have good news for you. We will shoot more sets with her very, very soon!

Flexible Gymnast

6. Flexible Gymnast

19 Aug 2012

Don’t you feel a bit stiff? Let’s stretch a bit! Our model Mira will show you how it should be done!

Mira is from Lithuania. Which means she’s beautiful. And she’s a former gymnast. Which means she’s flexible as hell! She came to Prague for a few days and couldn’t resist the temptation to make some p…

Serena Day One

7. Serena Day One

19 Aug 2014

Our new face Serena arrived from far Ukraine to us and she made our day! She is young, sweet, open minded and talented.

Check out our magazine post about her and find out how smooth her skin is and how adorable she seems to be.

Since we couldn’t get enough of her, we spent not one, but two days with h…

Greek Moments With Sapphira

8. Greek Moments With Sapphira

12 Jun 2015

We’ve shot a lot of great masturbation videos and photos in Greece and we’re bringing you some behind-the-scenes bits of it. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did and stay tuned for more material with gorgeous Sapphira.

Mirror Art

9. Mirror Art

22 Jun 2016

Sapphira loves to take sexy photos of herself. Maybe she will become a photographer when she’s tired of modeling. We think she definitely has some potential and she knows a thing or two about sexy poses!


10. Fence

8 Dec 2013

We have only a few previously unpublished photosets with Nika left. This is one of them with naked Nika posing by an old fence and some fancy painting…

When Nika announced she had decided to quit posing naked it was a shock for you. And for us, too. We have been receiving lots of messages from you si…


11. Marketa4you

10 Aug 2011

Because nothing last forever and everything has it’s time W4B is enveloped in sadness for now. We had to say goodbye to our sister site Marketa4you. It was very nice cooperation, Marketa is wonderful model, girl and very nice person: It is hard for W4B to let her go! But Marketa has decided to end t…

Milla In Prague

12. Milla In Prague

30 Sep 2016

You wanted Milla and you will get a lot of Milla! We spent two days with Milla in Prague. Very busy two days. We shot a lot of great sets and here are some teasers! We made masturbation sets, indoor, outdoor, interview… and the first masturbation set will come out as soon as tomorrow!

Beach Fun

13. Beach Fun

27 Feb 2016

Lola and Anastasia love to fool around together on the beach… but who doesn’t, right? This report will take you to sunny Venezuela, where you can watch these two hotties having some fun girl-time.

Naked Artist

14. Naked Artist

14 Jun 2016

Our models love the selfie shootings. They can show what they consider their best side and nobody tells them what to do! Talia loved it too. Here’s some material shot & directed by Talia. Enjoy!

Behind the spotlight

15. Behind the spotlight

17 Apr 2016

Here’s a little behind the scenes from Nancy’s visit in our studio. She’s a joy to be around! Always in a good mood and always ready to get naked and show her perfect body!

Second Day with Nancy

16. Second Day with Nancy

13 Apr 2015

We’re bringing you a report from our second day with Nancy in Prague. There will soon be a full-length video with this athletic sweetheart. Stay tuned!

Shoot with Nancy

17. Shoot with Nancy

2 Mar 2015

We have invited Nancy A to shoot with us in Prague. She’s the sweetest girl with the most perfect pair of breasts you can imagine. A lot of great material to look forward to!

Abby's Portrait

18. Abby's Portrait

29 Nov 2012

Many girls try to hide something. But not here in Watch4Beauty – lovely Abby will let you learn everything about her!

Is the shape of her face perfect? Or her labia? And what about getting a finger or two inside? Abby will show you everything in a great detail. And after the inspection you will proba…

Travelling With Sapphira

19. Travelling With Sapphira

7 May 2016

When Sapphira heard that we’re going someplace warm with Lady Dee, she demanded that she comes over and spends a few days with us. It’s exactly what we did. We shot quite some masturbation scenes, she peed all over the island and we had a lot of fun! Here’s a small appetizer.


20. Greece

23 May 2015

At the moment, we’re shooting some great stuff on one of the gorgeous Greek islands. We have our superstar Sapphira with us, luscious Lucy and Heidi – the new northern beauty that was requested a lot. You can start looking forward to a lot of hot new sets that will include among all the other great …

Last Snow

21. Last Snow

9 Apr 2015

We went with our star – Sapphira to the mountains, to have some fun in the last snow of this season and we shot two great photosets and some amazing video. You’ve probably already seen one photoset. The rest will come soon and there’s a lot to look forward to.

Kamasutra Girl

22. Kamasutra Girl

3 Sep 2011

Passionate about all possible and impossibles sexual positions is our begining 85-60-90 model. Lynnete has been born in Ceske Budejovice, from where the Czech beer Budweiser comes. Because her best hobby is to travel and she just love Italy, Lynnete is studying Italian language on the South Czech Un…

Flashback: Ruth Medina

23. Flashback: Ruth Medina

19 Oct 2013

Ruth Medina is one of our exotic models. She’s from Venezuela and her features make her easily recognizable amongst the other W4B beauties!

Some of these photos have already been published in Watch4beauty, while some others are shown here for the first time! We just would like to remember a great tim…

Serena Day Two

24. Serena Day Two

1 Sep 2014

We’re bringing you another report of another day with our gorgeous Serena! We rented a lovely villa with a swimming pool for the shooting and we all really enjoyed the day!

This exclusive teen girl has got the kind of body which doesn’t need any improvements. View all her photos and videos here.

Something Extra

25. Something Extra

15 May 2015

We have some previously unpublished photos and video from a previous shooting with Denisse. It’s again from Caracas, Venezuela.

Denisse – as always – stunned us with her beauty, both dressed and undressed. A school uniform suits her nicely and when she licks her lollipop, she looks amazingly sexy!

Shower Time

26. Shower Time

20 Sep 2012

Some men don’t mind to get their hands dirty. And some girls don’t mind to get their feet wet!

Our model Bella Babe can certainly get your attention! After several successful peeing photosets of hers she’s here again, still performing what she’s so good at: Super-sexy and sensual peeing, this time in…

Two cLovers

27. Two cLovers

8 Oct 2012

Today we are going to introduce a great couple to you. The are from Russia, their names are Vlad and Katya – and we like their work a lot!

Hello! We are two cLovers, Vlad and Katya. We are a real-life couple. In addition, Vlad is a photographer and Katya is a model. As a couple we have additional opp…

Summer Girl

28. Summer Girl

9 Aug 2016

Lola sent us a few photos of herself on the beach! We didn’t hear from her for a while, but we sure like to see she is still a very sexy lady, who can turn a Venezuelan beach into a paradise on Earth.

Sapphira's peeing saga continues

29. Sapphira's peeing saga continues

20 Dec 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for Sapphira and especially for some pee material with her. We are happy to deliver – here she is, beautiful Sapphira peeing just for you!

Sapphira's visit

30. Sapphira's visit

4 Mar 2016

Sapphira came by to our studio, we made a nice photoset and a masturbation video. She also had a fun idea – we should collect questions from our members and she will answer them on camera next time we shoot. Possibly even with personalized greetings! So all you Sapphira lovers out there – grab your …