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Indian Beauty

1. Indian Beauty

19 Dec 2016

Resha and her friend sent us this short set. It’s home-made, far from professional quality, but she looks great. So for once, please excuse the low technical quality. Resha’s exotic beauty and bright pink cunt makes up for it!

Greetings From India

2. Greetings From India

3 Mar 2017

Resha sends hugs and kisses to our members, who wrote us many messages, demanding to see her again. She asked her girlfriend to do a shooting with her. So please excuse the quality, the video is made with a cell phone and the photos with a very cheap camera. But we hope Resha’s exotic beauty will ma…

Raising Stars Of Venezuela

3. Raising Stars Of Venezuela

10 Apr 2017

We have discovered a lot of hot, fresh models in Venezuela. You can’t see most of them anywhere else! We know that many of you are still sad about the retirement of Denisse and Kendra, but we hope these beauties will help you forget about them and be excited about what’s to come! Here’s the first on…

Maria's visit

4. Maria's visit

13 Feb 2017

Maria has dropped by our studio in Prague yesterday. She looked incredibly sexy (as she always does) so we couldn’t resist taking some pictures of her. She wanted us to say hi to our members from her. There will be another of Maria’s great pee videos coming out soon too! But if you miss her, and wan…

Her First Orgasm On Film Ever

5. Her First Orgasm On Film Ever

17 Feb 2017

Li Moon’s first orgasm on W4B. Gorgeously sweet Li Moon has decided to share her private pleasures with us! She let us shoot her as she fingered her juicy cunt. We will publish the full video where you can see how intensely she can climax very, very soon!

Introducing Natali

6. Introducing Natali

2 Apr 2017

We are pleased to introduce another beauty from Venezuela. Her name is Nataly and we think she has a lot of potential. Cute face, gorgeous, firm body and a happy and fun-loving personality. Let us know if you like her as much as we do!

Nancy's Selfies

7. Nancy's Selfies

23 Mar 2017

As we often do, we gave our camera to Nancy and she portrayed herself the way she thinks she’s most beautiful. She was a bit worried in the beginning that she won’t do well, she doesn’t take too many selfies usually. Despite that, we think she did a great job, she looks sexy and cute at the same tim…

Colombian Beauty

8. Colombian Beauty

22 Jul 2016

Lea sends greetings from exotic Colombia! She just wanted to say hi to our members and tell you that she will soon shoot a proper masturbation scene. Stay tuned!

Lick This!

9. Lick This!

5 Jan 2014

Two beautiful Watch4beauty models – Lola and Paula Shy – are trying their lesbian skills. And we must say they both are very talented and willing to learn!

A few days ago we showed you a hot lesbian performance featuring Lola and Paula Shy. Let’s continue with this topic – here’s a backstage video an…

Testing Waters With Lady Dee

10. Testing Waters With Lady Dee

28 Jan 2017

We got a chance to lay our hands on a new, very interesting camera that allows us to shoot partly underwater. We love water and we wanted to test it immediately!

Lady Dee has helped us and we think the resulting video is pretty interesting. Let us know what you think! Would you like to see such video…

The Art Of Pee

11. The Art Of Pee

2 Jan 2017

We love capturing the most intimate moment – the act od peeing – in photos and videos. We made a lot of material of lovely golden streams over the years, and now we put them all together in one, big, easy to browse collection. Enjoy it all!

Click here to view all peeing!

Easter whipping

12. Easter whipping

14 Apr 2011

Since our magazine Watch4beauty is based in Czech Republic, we decided to show you a bit of our Czech roots and traditions… like Easter! Elsewhere in the world you can see sexy playboy bunnies searching for eggs while here in Czech Republic we have something special!

Just one day in the whole year me…

Ceccilia's Mini Bikini

13. Ceccilia's Mini Bikini

26 May 2013

Ceccilia is going to show you the beauty of Venezuela. And the beauty of her body, of course!

She’s 21, her measurements are 90-58-90, she’s 163 centimeters tall and she lives in Caracas, Venezuela. Her name is Ceccilia, one of our photographers did a few photoshootings with her and we do think you m…

So Much Beauty

14. So Much Beauty

17 Nov 2016

We have been searching for the most beautiful girls since the very beginning of Watch4beauty. But 6 years ago, in 2010 we have decided to make a specific casting shoots, so you can discover these beauties together with our photographer. We have introduced 207 new girls to you this way. Many have bec…

Something Special

15. Something Special

5 Feb 2017

Beautiful Angel B had visited us in Prague. We shot a few great sets with her in a luxurious golden apartment. And she showed us something very special, something she has not shown us yet. It’s gonna be out soon, so stay tuned!

Caution Wet Floor

16. Caution Wet Floor

13 Mar 2013

This is our new model Nicole Vice. And she is going to please all of you who are fond of peeing!

Now this is a proper way to start a Watch4beauty model carreer! Nicole Vice came for a first time to our studio – and without hesitation performed a greet peeing show which you may enjoy in a close detail…

Milla In Prague

17. Milla In Prague

30 Sep 2016

You wanted Milla and you will get a lot of Milla! We spent two days with Milla in Prague. Very busy two days. We shot a lot of great sets and here are some teasers! We made masturbation sets, indoor, outdoor, interview… and the first masturbation set will come out as soon as tomorrow!

In Bed with Yessi

18. In Bed with Yessi

11 Dec 2015

Yessi and her friend have made this video, where she’s replying to some questions from her fans. She’s very cute in her bed and pajamas. But then she takes it off and that’s a different story entirely! The way she rubs her gorgeous cunt is just irresistible! There will be also a full-length pee vide…

Summer Hotness

19. Summer Hotness

16 Jan 2017

It was a hot summer day, when we shot Inga. After some hours of shooting she was too warm and she badly wanted to cool off a bit. We offered her some popsicles and she turned it into a sexy, messy fun!

Shoot with Nancy

20. Shoot with Nancy

2 Mar 2015

We have invited Nancy A to shoot with us in Prague. She’s the sweetest girl with the most perfect pair of breasts you can imagine. A lot of great material to look forward to!

Dirty Peeing

21. Dirty Peeing

29 May 2015

One of our fans pointed out that we may have some material from the past unpublished. We looked into it and he was right! We didn’t find Nici, but we found this gem – beautiful Maria being all naughty and peeing! It’s a bit more daring than we’re used to with Maria, but her fans will hopefully appre…

Abby's Portrait

22. Abby's Portrait

29 Nov 2012

Many girls try to hide something. But not here in Watch4Beauty – lovely Abby will let you learn everything about her!

Is the shape of her face perfect? Or her labia? And what about getting a finger or two inside? Abby will show you everything in a great detail. And after the inspection you will proba…

Inga's pee

23. Inga's pee

23 Nov 2016

We know you love watching our beautiful models pee. And we want to make you happy! So we have a little bonus for all pee fans! Inga shows off her golden stream. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Summer Girl

24. Summer Girl

9 Aug 2016

Lola sent us a few photos of herself on the beach! We didn’t hear from her for a while, but we sure like to see she is still a very sexy lady, who can turn a Venezuelan beach into a paradise on Earth.

Caracas View

25. Caracas View

24 Jun 2015

Denisse is taking us on a video tour around her new house on a hill, overlooking Caracas. She looks as gorgeous as ever showing us the stunning views. Accept Denisse’s invitation and enjoy being her guest!


26. Self-pleasure

1 Dec 2016

Seeing a beautiful girl doing something as intimate as masturbation is simply magical. If you watch her touching herself, you can even learn how to pleasure her. And even if you don’t – just seeing her caressing her body, squeezing her breasts and maybe sliding a finger into her wet cunt is just bre…

Sapphira's Last Pee

27. Sapphira's Last Pee

28 Apr 2017

We know you all like watching Sapphira peeing. Her thick stream and shy giggling are an irresistible combination. This will sadly be the last of her magnificent pee videos for a while, and we hope you’ll enjoy every second of it!

To Venezuela with W4B

28. To Venezuela with W4B

9 Jul 2010

Take the invitation and come to warm your body to a tropic clima of 27 to 38° C, South American Caribbean sea, one of three islands forming The Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela, located between Isla Margarita and the mainland. We are abouth to land on Isla de Coche and we would like to present you t…

Katrina's Selfies

29. Katrina's Selfies

9 Dec 2016

Katrina sent her home-made set she made for us. If you are missing this cute babe, we have good news for you. We will shoot more sets with her very, very soon!

Alexis Love

30. Alexis Love

30 May 2013

This Mexican-American pornographic actress and nude model is one of our favourite beauties. She reminds us of our hot trips through Mexico and Latin America!

Alexis entered the adult film industry when she was 18. Unfortunately, we have never had a chance to work with her personally, but two of her p…