Chasing Her Tail LIKE

27 Feb 2013

In our erotic galleries, you already could have seen the Russian model Clover with a butt-plugged tail. Now it’s time to see some backastage photos and footage from this photoshoot!

It’s no easy thing to talk a model into plugging a horsetail into her ass. You have to make her feel comfortable – so our team showed Clover the beauties of Prague first. It worked and she quickly agreed with our plan…

However, there was nothing to be scared of and Clover soon realized that. She enjoyed the new sensation quite a lot, we must say. Let us know: Is a model fitted with horse tail sexy for you?

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Clover enjoying her stay in Prague, Clover preparing for insertion of the butt plug, Clover posing with her new tail… You will love this!

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