Maria's Wish LIKE

10 Dec 2013

Maria has a wish and it’s quite a simple one. She will tell it to you. Just watch the video and hear her repeating: “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Do you like Maria’s face? Her eyes, her lips? Or do you prefer some other and more intimate parts of her body? In today’s magazine update you will find both. And both her face and her pussy will be shown in a great detail.

When the focus is on her face, she plays with her tongue a bit. And when the camera goes south, Maria uses her fingers to spread her pussy and show the important stuff to you. We have said this before and now we have to repeat this: What a nasty girl she is!

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Russian model Maria has prepared this simple video for you. It’s just showing her face, her pussy and her ass. Which is good enough, isn’t it?

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