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10 Aug 2011

Because nothing last forever and everything has it’s time W4B is enveloped in sadness for now. We had to say goodbye to our sister site Marketa4you. It was very nice cooperation, Marketa is wonderful model, girl and very nice person: It is hard for W4B to let her go! But Marketa has decided to end this career and move on something new in her life. Whatever, for erotic girl Marketa is waiting completely another lifestyle as well as for her admires and members.

It is truth! For new members Marketa4you is closed, doesn’t exist anymore, only existing members are able to enjoy Marketa till the end of November 2011. We are sorry and we apologise to all Marketa’s funs. But no one has to be sad as much; on W4B you still can find many of Marketa’s wonderful photos and videos. Do not hesitate and visit W4B galleries and films!

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