To Venezuela with W4B LIKE

9 Jul 2010

Take the invitation and come to warm your body to a tropic clima of 27 to 38° C, South American Caribbean sea, one of three islands forming The Nueva Esparta State of Venezuela, located between Isla Margarita and the mainland. We are abouth to land on Isla de Coche and we would like to present you this exotic place their beauty and traps. The other two islands are Isla Margarita, the main island of the state, and Cubagua, the smallest. Isla de Coche covers an area of 55 km² and the highest elevation of the island is 60 m above the sea level. With their long white beaches and exotic babes reminds an Earth paradise. So be our witness and swim with angels.

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Refreshes me and squirt my little ass

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Let’s roll!

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Far, faraway

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Wild open sky

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