8 Dec 2010

My liking for photographing began just short time ago mostly by coincidence taking pictures on voyages focused more on the life of places. Then I started winning competitions and recognized the people interest. In a little while I discovered other genres including erotica.

I wish my photos will be greater than simply demonstration of nude bodies. It’s important the confidence between the photographer and model, feel comfortable, trusted and relaxed while photo shoot. Because you know that nudity means the maximum openness. Beauty is a difficult and complex concept. Especially erotica is beauty has subtle edges.

Where is beauty and where is vulgarity? Each photographer feels beauty mostly intuitively. My visual language is much intimacy and even potage with no vulgarity.

I belong myself to the group of photographers who look at the photography like the fiction, and I am not trying to reflect essence of models. My goal is to show beauty and plasticity of a body or emotional side but without detriment to beauty. I’m experimenting much with topics, foreshortening and just image presentation. I don’t want to make no headway. I want searching and diversity. With time my own style has been formed and now I try to follow it.

My creative plans are to realize new ideas, publish regularly and travel more.

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