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7 Jul 2011

We are holding an audition of beautiful bodies to our/your W4B site. So men’s, if there’s any chick in neighborhood what would might, undress her, take her a picture and send her to our redaction. It must be first quality babe! As we, for sure you too prefer a juicy beefsteak on the plate than a piece of bacon. A triple portion of gelatin is not necessary.

But attention! ID checking is more than needed, sixteen is better than eighteen, but she wouldn’t pass the law rules. Boobs, hips, figure and photo portrait in 150 kB size of good material. No retouched, amateurs, but nice photos, in preference taken on day light you may send to and you will be rewarded.

Ladies, come to take photos with our world known photographer MarK. Be an important part of W4B. Add MarK on Facebook and bother him, he likes it a lot. You should tell us from where you come for; to we know where we shall look for you. See how the casting is donning with an unprofessional but beauty, unashamed girl.

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