Shameless Maria LIKE

4 Oct 2012

Some girls refuse to get naked even in the bed. Luckily, our model Maria does not have this problem!

Maria loves being naked. Especially when she’s in some public space and there’s a lot of people around. She proved it during this photoshooting in the centre of Prague. At the Old Town Square or near the bridges acroos the river Vltava, she showed no shame.

And as you can see from the photographs and the video, people loved it. Many men wanted to get a picture with Maria. Both foreign tourists and local bums were very excited to see a girl this beautiful getting naked in front of them. And you know what? There will be more public photosets coming, as Maria is really good at this.

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A quick tour through Prague could be fun. Especially when your guide is Maria and she wears no panties!

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