Bed and Bike LIKE

4 Apr 2013

Clover looks fantastic, when she’s spreading in a bed. And she looks even better when she poses with Harley-Davidson!

You do remember Russian beauty Clover, don’t you? She’s the girl who without a trace of hesitation inserted a huge butt-plugged tail into her ass when we kindly asked her to. Being as fragile as she is, it was especially brave of her.

But she’s capable of much more, as she showed us. This is a short preview of our last shootings with her. Clover repeatedly got naked in several rooms and our studio and we have really hard time deciding whether she looks better in a bed or with a bike!

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Naked in a hotel room. Naked in a studio. Naked in a rented flat. As you can see, we love Clover to get naked anywhere!

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