Kamasutra Girl LIKE

3 Sep 2011

Passionate about all possible and impossible sexual positions is our beginning 85-60-90 erotic girl. Lynnete has been born in Ceske Budejovice, from where the Czech beer Budweiser comes. Because her best hobby is to travel and she just love Italy, Lynnete is studying Italian language on the South Czech University. Lynnete is maidens, but she prefers long duration relationship. With her boyfriend they are three years together and it doesn’t looks like to be break soon. Why Kamasutra Girl? She is taking an inventory of all positions that she ever made. Till now she wasn’t able to do the one she has tattooed on their back and is her dream to do it with anyone. So who will tell her how on it?

What is your real name?
Hum ok, my name is Lucie Prochazkova, hallo everybody, greetings from the South of Czech Republic. From Ceske Budejovice a city of good beer taste.

This is you first photo shoot for us, have you been published in another magazine before?
Yes I already have been taken some nude pictures, but they were not much, just two I think. It takes me long to decide for nude posing and till now I wasn’t quite sure jet.

What makes your last positive decision?
My zodiac sign is Libra always hesitating, every decisions takes me long. Anyways I like money as a student is easy for me to win them like this. After all I may travel because of this job and I love traveling. Beside all I like posing in front of camera, makes me feel good, that you guys get excited. Maybe next time W4B takes me to the Caribbean, guy’s vote for me!

We can’t overlook your tattoo on your back, please explain us.
Yeah, nobody can, this is the title of Kamasutra book. Is the position I couldn’t ever make. Love experiments, I can relieve at least 5 position per night.

Ok, so you kind of tomboy in the sex?
Hahaha, yeah kind of. Actually I have throw out old toys what annoys me. With my boyfriend we leafing through Kamasutra and we do an inventory about what we have tried. For to get all this tattoos, hahaha not really.

Now we know you have a boyfriend. Is that love or something quick?
Absolutely not! We are almost three years together and I am not planning to leave him. He doesn’t care about my job, even that everyone is masturbating seeing my pictures. Work is work and home is apart and private.

How he seduced you?
Oh, playing guitar, that’s the principal reason, he plays guitar in a great band, can’t forget his nose, love a big ones. Then you know he is doing sexy noises, exciting moaning and he knows where to catch me at the moment.

So that’s what makes you warm?
Yeah exactly, all the murmuring to the ears, sexy grunting, voices, aroma and squelching while penetration makes me excited.

Do we will be able to see you in some porn movie in the future?
As I told you I am Libra and another problem is that my borders are slowly but surely break down. So if there’s a lucrative offer is possible I would think about.

What is your life’s mission?
See the world and win over an impossible position.

Which features has a perfect man?
Big nose without thinking, must be intelligent and gentleman with charisma and lots of pheromones.

Tell us your cure for potency…
Oral sex is the guarantee!

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