Autumn Girl LIKE

2 Nov 2013

Sexy Clover was posing for us in a white dress. Luckily, she was wearing nothing under it – and she let us peek under her dress. What a lovely sight!

We expected this photoshooting to be special – and we were right. Beautiful model Clover came from Russia to work with us and we took her to the countryside, full of autumn colors. It was a smart move – Clover loved this background and got undressed quickly.

Her pale and naked body created a perfect combination with yellow and brown leaves. We took the pictures of her both in the forest and in the field – and all of them looked great. Watch the photos and video, it’s something you don’t see every day!

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Watch lovely Russian model Clover getting naked and posing in the autumn-colored countryside. She’s so hot you will not be able to resist her!

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