Charming in Greece LIKE

2 Apr 2013

Spending holidays in sunny Greece with sexy Maria, that sounds like a dream… In fact, it was much better than dreaming. This nasty girl always has a special surprise for you!

Is the spring in your country as cold as here in the Czech Republic? We barely see the sun, temperatures are still below zero and it looks much more like January than April. So we have to travel back in time a bit…

A few months ago, our team spent a great week of holidays in Greece. With Maria, one of our finest models. You could have already seen most of the pictures and videos from this holidays, but here are a few bonuses. By looking at them, you can almost feel the hot sun and similarly hot Maria’s skin!

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You already know that Maria loves peeing in front of a camera. Here’s another of her “watersport” performances!

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