Zombie Walk 2011 LIKE

1 Jun 2011

As every year in May, this 21st was also in the name of crappy horror movies. Zombie procession was passing through the capital Prague city for the fourth time in history, which means almost traditional affair. We could see originals and sometimes very good designed ideas.

Believe me when 1000 zombies at ones start to demand their favorite dish and scream Brain, Brain, Brain… not just one would run away. Yes, we counted almost 1000 alive corps, what means Czech record till now. That bloody bandaged and stumbling zombies walking around the center, passing the Charles bridge, Old Town Square to Wenceslas Square scared not just tourist. Exhibitionistic Zombies posed and acted in front of stronger characters and of course in front of the cameras. Only blood on the ground and pieces of the bandage around left behind the parade.

Some tourist might think now, that Czech nation is full of fools and some of them would doubt to visit Prague again because of the shock. Anyway it has an intentioned impression, for sure this people smiled when they got home and that is good, Czech zombies equal funny zombies at last! So, if you are fun of horror movies and planning to visit us, you know when to do it. Indeed we are not the only country that fool, search for Zombie Walk in internet.

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