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Any chance you could tell me the name of the villa, and where it is, where you shot the latest video of Ariela? My girlfriend has fallen in love with it and wants to stay there. We are heavily into photography and think it would be perfect for us.
Of course it would be even more perfect if Ariela was there. Ok we can dream can't we.....

by Alfie on 10 SEP 2018 10:31


Yes, the villa was fantastic! Drop an email to our support address and you will get all the details.

by Jarda on 10 SEP 2018 10:31
Just Me

Pleasure In The Shower

Sorry I have to seriously criticise W4B. Neither the title nor the cover photo is doing this production justice!
This film is simply brilliant. After seeing the cover page I was expecting a slightly above average film (applying W4B's already high standards). But this film surpassed all my expectations: great background, great model, great "acting" (Ariela is not faking! - she enjoys every second, which makes it much better than acting), great "acting" positions brilliantly captured with unsurpassed picture quality.
My compliments to the model and the W4B team! This film is a benchmark production giving you a nice challenge for the future.

by Just Me on 10 SEP 2018 06:47


We will gladly take this criticism! I guess you’re right, judging from the cover alone, the film may seem absolutely average. We’ll try to do better job in choosing the cover next time, and I’m happy to hear you liked the film so much!

by Jarda on 10 SEP 2018 06:47

Ariela shower

This girl drives me crazy with her body. You did a great job capturing her body including letting us see her ass jiggle as she walks naked. She seems to love to spread as wide as possible and let us see her pussy and juice and ass hole. Next time, can you get close and let us hear her fingers in her pussy and the sound of her pussy music as she masterbates? Have her put legs over the arm rest and get wide and let her do her thing. Wonderful and nice and long. More

by Timmy on 09 SEP 2018 18:53


Yeah, she knows how to drive men crazy! The idea with the chair is very cool, I’ll see if we can do it next time we work with her.

by Jarda on 09 SEP 2018 18:53


Just one word, PERFECTION!!!

by ALFIE on 09 SEP 2018 11:09


Wholeheartedly agreed!

by Jarda on 09 SEP 2018 11:09
Just Me

Jenifer's Eyes Raising Attention?

It is surely not only her eyes raising attention. She has really great assets. It would be most exciting to see those squashy boobs in motion, watching Jenifer in some sporty action e.g. skipping or on rollerblades. And then this wonderfully wrinkled beautifully coloured butterfly between her legs. This superb labia is worth being captured in all possible positions. Just dangling when squatting, or in any other position when Jenifer spreads her legs, with the butterfly's wings closed as well as open.
A video with some teasing petting around that area with wide open legs culminating in Showing extended play with that butterfly - what an opportunity.
What makes Jenifer even more attractive is her obvious shyness. She is the ideal model to monitor the shyness to naughty process if that might happen. Important to have a few shoots with her before she looses her shyness.
Excellent new discovery - make the best of it! (With her - even the casting was exciting!)

by Just Me on 07 SEP 2018 07:47


She does have other wonderful assets indeed! I like the idea of a sport-themed video with her, we have not made one for a while and I think it’s time. I’ll see if she’s up for that.

by Jarda on 07 SEP 2018 07:47
Tristan Heart


A very interesting and definitely cute new girl, I'm not sure the harsh light of the studio shoot really did her any favors, it rarely does, so I will look forward to hopefully seeing her in a more natural setting, I think that will lift her up further :-)

Oh and I definitely see what you guys mean about her eyes ;-)

by Tristan Heart on 07 SEP 2018 06:50


You’re right, she might benefit from a setting with a softer light; we will see if we can make it happen.

by Jarda on 07 SEP 2018 06:50
Just Me

Karin Torres

All contributions featuring Karin Torres are a special treat. This great young lady has been blessed with such a uniquely beautiful pussy. This beautiful asset is particularly wonderful/exciting when featured in doggy style or bend-over position with widely parted legs. Just amazing.
Unfortunately the video is running short of featuring this view :( . Though it is otherwise still great. I hope the producer has taken the opportunity to capture those positions in a nice long film.
My fantasy is a 10 min plus film with Karin featuring mostly these poses and if possible showing explicitly her creamy wetness inside. I hope we will see more of Karin soon.

by Just Me on 03 SEP 2018 10:32


There will be a full length video of Karin soon and it might be everything you dream of!

by Jarda on 03 SEP 2018 10:32


Ariela is pure perfection : I like her several looks , especially hairstyle and that special " sadness " into her eyes. It is quite hard to find so incredible models on web.

by Karl on 31 AUG 2018 23:20


I couldn’t agree more!

by Jarda on 31 AUG 2018 23:20
Old Baldy

Re Lana Seymour

Thanks anyway for considering her. I thought she was awesome, but I’ve only ever seen her in that one post. I’ve never seen her in anywhere else, but I have seen Milla and Ariel in other places. You guys do so much better with those cuties, so I thought if Lana was that good on Femjoy, you could make her even more awesome. (Sigh)

Regarding someone’s comment about models being more erotic when they are not smiling, I prefer the smiling faces. It makes me believe they are having fun rather than enduring an unpleasant experience. Maria and Milla, for example really look like they’re having fun. I like that.

There are so many more to see, and I’m just getting started. Thanks for a great site.

by Old Baldy on 31 AUG 2018 21:03


She is awesome, and we would definitely get her, if she didn’t have a bunch of hardcore stuff floating around already. Thanks for the pointer though, if you find another girl that you like and we don’t have her, please let me know!

by Jarda on 31 AUG 2018 21:03
Just Me

Anna Di

I was a bit reluctant to comment on her casting. Looking at her follow up it just confirms my first impression - she is not W4B material. Although she has a beautiful figure and some great assets between her legs her tattoos and the so obviously played, or often empty facial expressions (like under the influence) moves her into the less attractive range in my books. W4B has so many more attractive models who deserve repeat shooting. Still in your quest for new attractions she was good try.

by Just Me on 31 AUG 2018 07:34


Thanks for the feedback… she is exactly the opposite of this in person, in fact. I guess it just doesn’t translate into photos and videos for some reason.

by Jarda on 31 AUG 2018 07:34

Blue Pontiac

The car that builder was attempting to replicate is a late '70's era Chevy Camaro. Not a Pontiac. Its a rather odd interpretation of either but it much more closely resembles a Camaro as opposed to a Pontiac Firebird. Either way I do appreciate the homage to classic American car culture. What red blooded boy doesn't like muscle cars and hot naked girls with their legs spread wide open. Thank you.

by GuitarSlinger on 30 AUG 2018 16:06


Thanks for the clarification! You seem to know much more about cars than we do!

by Jarda on 30 AUG 2018 16:06

Blue Pontiac

Nice! She is exclusive to your site and I would be entertained with many more creative scenes depicting her novel beauty.

by Apollo on 29 AUG 2018 16:06


She is indeed, we are very proud of that! There will be more material with her coming soon!

by Jarda on 29 AUG 2018 16:06

Vertical shooting

do you have or will have a vertical shoot video?
I mean 1080x1920 or larger. that would be awesome.

by Paris on 29 AUG 2018 13:19


We don’t, only horizontal, sorry.

by Jarda on 29 AUG 2018 13:19
Tristan Heart

@Jarda - Amber Serrano - BTS video

Sry it's taken me a couple of days to reply, world is crazy hehe :-P

The problem is so far only with that one video, which was why I thought you guys might have been trying something new, but if you haven't then I think we are simply talking about a fluke here and I don't think you should give it any more thought, if it happens again I'll let you know, but so far it seems like everything else I've downloaded up till now has been working fine, so don't worry about it ;-)

by Tristan Heart on 28 AUG 2018 11:17


No worries, hope the world is less crazy where you are now.
I’m glad to hear you didn’t have this issue with any other video, from our side everything is same as usual, which makes this situation very strange, if it happens again, let me know!

by Jarda on 28 AUG 2018 11:17

Pee girls

When there is a pee scene in a video, there should be some photos as well.
More peeing girls! Love them...

by Catsmack1963 on 25 AUG 2018 17:36


I agree, but we don’t have the human resources for that. It has to be either photos or video, and we choose video.

by Jarda on 25 AUG 2018 17:36
Fan of W4B

Identical Backstage videos - Double/Triple from Cristin


the Backstage videos from 9th march the 10th april are identical in content, playtime and size, the video from 25th march has the same content, different sound and longer playtime (uncut version? :-) )

by Fan of W4B on 25 AUG 2018 13:39


Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll take a look, looks like we have made a mistake!

by Jarda on 25 AUG 2018 13:39


Jorda, thank you for letting us know she will do public nude shoots. You mentioned on that you did in the streets. Is that coming out soon and was she nude with people around? It Just would be satisfying to actually she a hot girl like her nude with people around. Don’t need to show their faces but with people in the background. Maybe sometime in the near future.

by Sammy on 25 AUG 2018 00:12


It’s not properly scheduled yet, so I’m not able to tell you anything more precise than that in the next few months if will be published. Also, I didn’t see the final version of the material yet, she was posing in a completely see-through lingerie in the streets while people were walking by, stopping, taking pictures of her…

by Jarda on 25 AUG 2018 00:12

Model Suggestion?

Hi. New member here, and loving your web sight and all the beautiful girls you have. I read somewhere that we may suggest and request models we've seen elsewhere? I would like it if you could post some videos of the model identified as Lana Seymour who appeared on on July 14th this year. I think your members will enjoy her as much as I did.

Thanks for considering her.

Old Baldy

by OldBaldy on 24 AUG 2018 20:51


thanks for the suggestion! She’s certainly very cute and looks like a fun person, but she has a lot of porn under her belt already, so I’m not sure if we’ll get her.

by Jarda on 24 AUG 2018 20:51
Tristan Heart

@Jarda - Amber Serrano - BTS video format

What is really strange is that I convert it to a different .mp4 format, it still wouldn't play the video, so now I am wondering if it is some kind of copy protection embedded in the video, as stuff like that has previously caused problems on this particular device, for some reason it is very sensitive to embedded data like that hehe :-P

Guess I will have to enjoy Amber on my PC instead until I find the cause of the issue ;-)

by Tristan Heart on 24 AUG 2018 20:43


That is strange. Do you have this issue only with this particular video, or are there more that don’t work? We have two ways of rendering, but if it’s that, you’d have problems with more than just one video.

by Jarda on 24 AUG 2018 20:43
Just Me

Little Waterfall

Just perfect. W4B at its best!

by Just Me on 24 AUG 2018 16:53


Glad you liked it!

by Jarda on 24 AUG 2018 16:53