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Irene Pee?

What happened to the promised pee video of Irene? Have I missed it? And there has been no pee content recently. Hope you have plans to make up for it in the coming days and weeks.

by Bob on 17 JUL 2018 18:55


I know it is probably already filmed, but if not, a video of Nona where she teases while looking and spreading would be a highlight for me. Based on her other videos on other sites, I do not think she is prone to the whole fake masturbating thing, which is excellent, because it doesn't do anything for me. I just love eye contact for the duration of the film. A perfect scene for me would be some tease dancing, then strip to sexy underwear, then playful looks while teasing and then full spreads with enticing looks daring me to loose control. There are films out there where the model is staring at me while spreading, but they are all expressionless. The other extreme is when they talk dirty trying to get you off, but it is mostly disjointed; not timed well with the camera. The other thing is that they are kind of crass whereas I prefer beautiful, new, and inexperienced models, similar to what you feature. I do think that you are one of the better director's, and I like the clarity of your movies. Your films are some of the best because I can tell you care about the models experience. Thank You!!!

by Apollo on 15 JUL 2018 17:34

Nona and Marynia

Nona and Marynia are very nice girls! Please more Videos (Long-Videos) of these beauties!!!


by Hugo on 15 JUL 2018 16:58

Milla - what a Ride!

Milla deserves place No.1!!!! With her perky tits and her wild slut - amazing, how she gets off!

by ring4ever on 14 JUL 2018 17:06

Milla - "Fucking Planes"

I am saving this video because of her ad lib; when an airplane passes over while she is
masturbating, she remarks "Fucking Planes". Now that's classic! My favorite part is after her first session where she is looking at me and spreads while she raises her eyebrows;
then she says "I want some more". Too bad she didn't say "I want some cum" while she
spreads and entices; or "I want some cock" or (you get the point), something other than
the same old thing of keeping the model disconnected from the person watching. I say
involve the man on the other side. Anyway, you have your own ideas, but they don't differ
much from the norm, so that's why I suggest thusly. All of this exists for one reason only, that normal men have to ejaculate, the younger, the more frequent . . . that's it! Anything else is bullshit. Thank you for choosing such beauties for us to enjoy. It would have been fun and funny if after Milla said "Fucking Planes" you threw a model airplane in front of her and she proceeded to fuck herself with. A 747 would be best because of the hump in front.

by Apollo on 13 JUL 2018 14:19

Milla - What a Ride

Milla is BACK!!! THANK YOU!!! There is no one hotter or sexier in the world so I will always want to feast on her beauty but... it all did seem rather routine to her. Not quite as exciting as she used to make it. Trust me, I can't wait to see more (and soon I hope) but I'm just hoping she'll bring back some of the innocence turned to mischief that made all of her pictorials and films so special. MORE PLEASE!!! And thank you.

by GuitarSlinger on 13 JUL 2018 12:41
Just Me

Milla - What A Ride

The entry page pictures look very promising and so does the start of the movie. A naked woman riding a bike through a fairy tail forest - what a fantasy! It just does not happen. The exciting action happens after the bike ride and becomes a repeat of similar scenes shown with Milla, admittedly with a lovely background. Yet it seems to me Milla either had one of her off days or she is over the peak of this career.
The production is still good and the model is still a beaut. What I was missing is the freshness and enthusiasm Milla has possessed and shown in the past. Her naughtiness has become routine - and it shows. This film is still a gem - but not the jewel one might have expected. What I treasure with W4B is the continuous discovery/presentation of new talents, leading them into naughtiness and rather avoiding the routine.
I have the highest regards for models who share their beauty with us while it is at its peak and then use the proceeds to launch an alternative career.

by Just Me on 13 JUL 2018 07:21


More, More More, Monika

by JagLover on 11 JUL 2018 05:52


Yes, Yes, Yes! We hear you, there will be more.

by Jarda on 11 JUL 2018 05:52

Ariela pussy

As a 24 year old female, I thought I would comment on the comment made about Ariels boobs being larger and her pussy also red and swollen. My boyfriend is in love with this girl and asked me my thoughts, so here they are. In looking at her in other videos and photographs, her boobs do look some larger. This may be due to her minstral cycle or the bra is squeezing them. She would have to answer. As far as her pussy being red and swollen, this looks to be the case and I would guess, she either had an orgasm before the shooting or rubbed it a lot before the shooting. Do not think she is in the middle of her cycle due to the fact she doesn’t seem to have a tampon in and fingers herself with no worry of blood. So my guess is, her cycle started a day or so after the shooting and she had sex or had an orgasm just before the shooting. Women are strange creations!

by Marrianne on 09 JUL 2018 20:44


Thanks for your female point of view, it’s always good to have some light shed on the topic by an insider!

by Jarda on 09 JUL 2018 20:44

Karin Torres

In a good mood - again! The way she touches her pussy... amazing! That innocent-looking body is so hot... want to see a real hot pussyplay with her fingers or a dildo or both...

by ring4ever on 09 JUL 2018 18:27


We will try to make it happen, she will be amazing with a dildo!

by Jarda on 09 JUL 2018 18:27


Her tits look much bigger and her pussy looks red and swollen and more open. Any idea why? Did she just use a toy? Also where is the doggie style picture that you use in the video post? Doesn’t show in video at all?

by Dick on 07 JUL 2018 18:22


The boobs appearing bigger may be due to her bra choice. And the pussy – she didn’t use a toy before, maybe she was just extra turned on.

by Jarda on 07 JUL 2018 18:22


What is it like to have such a beautiful woman open up her legs and open her pussy and let you stick the camera that close to her? She must also get turned on by it. Get more ass pictures next time and have her open her ass if she is willing.

by Nick on 05 JUL 2018 13:41


We certainly don’t complain about the experience! Some models do get turned on, others don’t.

by Jarda on 05 JUL 2018 13:41
Just Me

What A Woman

Not being an Ariela fan (I guess the casting must have been unexciting) I skipped most of her contributions. Neither does the classic style appeal to me.
However the intro picture is a work of art and made me watch the movie.
What a MASTERPIECE! - Model presentation, background, model performance, camera handling all harmonises. The open bra brilliantly emphasises her firm breasts, and so well captured by the videographer. Later in the production the focus is never leaves these great firm assets as they are quivering during the intense primary action.
Definitely another jewel production by W4B.

by Just Me on 05 JUL 2018 09:09


We are very proud to hear that! Maybe you’ll even reconsider liking Ariela after seeing this…? We think she’s fantastic.

by Jarda on 05 JUL 2018 09:09

Valery - After a Snack

Thatˋs the right move... the way, she gets down on the plaid and puts her hand between her legs... fingering her sweet pussy - your videos are amazing in the last weeks... you are definitely on the right way... move on... beautiful actresses!

by ring4ever on 04 JUL 2018 04:15


Very happy to read your positive feedback!

by Jarda on 04 JUL 2018 04:15


Valery is the best latina girl .She is a goddess. Please more pics and vídeos.


by oigreswatch on 03 JUL 2018 14:00


She indeed is gorgeous!

by Jarda on 03 JUL 2018 14:00
Just Me

Ratings - Appeal of Productions

My last two comments prompted me to elaborate a bit on the title topic. The like option is such a fuzzy rating since there are several important contributing factors to derive at a rating. The most relevant is obviously the model (with several criteria to be considered). This is followed by the scene/background and the action (type and how it is performed). All of this is overlaid by the photographer's ability to capture the action and the digital quality of the production. Thus a "Like" rating may be triggered by different factors and not necessarily provide the information to guide your efforts. One of the reasons I try to be more specific in my forum comments, which are obviously distorted by my specific taste. I hope they are still meaningful.

by Just Me on 02 JUL 2018 08:32


Thanks for the elaboration! Obviously, not only your comments are meaningful, we value everyone’s input and do what we can to make happy as many people as possible. The like may be ambiguous, but asking members to fill in a survey on how happy they were with each aspect of the particular set would be a bit too much.

by Jarda on 02 JUL 2018 08:32
Just Me


A great new model, flawless body and a pussy to die for. Still a bit uncertain about herself but great. I just love the doggy style action. Hint for Improvement - spend more time on this action (my dream fantasy - particularly when the model is blessed with such a dream pussy) and complement it with some rear show spreads and as I suggested earlier a banana inserted. With the action of inserting the banana captured, such a scene could easily cover 5 min and allow for a longer full film on these models.
This solo doggy style scene is not seen often, I first saw it with Karin, who performed it perfectly. It seems to be particularly stimulating performed by the more slender, well tanned South American models with puffy pussies. It would be great if this could be further explored.

by Just Me on 02 JUL 2018 08:11


Happy that you like her. We didn’t forget about the banana scene, in fact we are talking about it with Karin at the moment. If it’s a success, we will gladly replicate it with Penellope.

by Jarda on 02 JUL 2018 08:11
Just Me

Irene Rating

Hi Jarda,
as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With rather average I do not mean bad, discard. My priority list is bound to be different to those of other members - extreme example: I favour Irene over Helga Grey. Many will disagree with me. (But that is Just Me.) Statistically speaking Irene just misses the upper quartile, while e.g. Karin will be in the upper quartile.
Maybe what I wanted to say between the lines is that a good production should focus as much on the scenario / background / theme as it does on the model. Considering the W4B site there are great productions with rather average models like the one of "Irene in Red" and in contrast rather average productions featuring great models.
I guess I just want to prompt you to have great productions all around - I know a tough call.
Finally thanks, I am really looking forward to more Monika!

by Just Me on 29 JUN 2018 08:13


I see your points, it’s really not easy to satisfy everyone both with the choice of models and with the type of production. But we will do our best to keep both on the highest level possible!

by Jarda on 29 JUN 2018 08:13
Just Me

Irene In Red

An exotic Beauty in an exotic setting. One of my favourite themes. Nice Introduction, underlined with soft southing music, blended out perfectly as the exciting action happens. Two great masturbation scenes with nice close ups and the second in an exotic plant setting - fantastic. The, as I think, disfiguring tattoos cleverly disguised with a girly dress. Finally a soft closeout blending the beauty of the model with the beauty of the nature surrounding her. And the entire production in good quality. My compliments to the producer. To my taste Irene is rather an average model, yet this movie is one of the highlights at W4B.

by Just Me on 27 JUN 2018 08:36


glad to hear you appreciate the movie. Why do you think Irene is only average? We think she’s fantastic (except for the tattoos).

by Jarda on 27 JUN 2018 08:36
Tristan Heart

Casting Aislin

Incredible good choice to bring Aislin over here on W4B, she is an absolute star across the www and I am sure she'll make just as big an impact here as she has everywhere else :-)

Looking forward to see what you guys will come up with, working with this amazing girl ;-)

by Tristan Heart on 25 JUN 2018 14:47


We hope that all our members will like her as much as we do, she’s great!

by Jarda on 25 JUN 2018 14:47