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Aliana should be the next superstar of the web!!! your rating system doesn't make sense...
But must importantly, Aliana is a big girl... Close ups with a wide angle make her butt and her legs look, well... fat . And Aliana is NOT fat.
Please don`t go in there too close, it's amateurish.
Use more of a telephoto lens and you'll help Aliana look even better!!!
She's the sexiest!!!!!

by nomad45 on 21 SEP 2017 18:12


the models are all gorgeous. But the sets are very boring. What happened to the more erotic sets? For example, Angel B, used to do peeing videos. Her last dozen or so sets have just been the same boring poses. Why not put her in lingerie (i.e., like thigh high stockings or pantyhose, with peeing videos???) Something erotic instead of just the same old boring nude poses??? It's good though that you've eliminated the stupid background music during the videos. Please keep the videos all natural sound with NO MUSIC! That was definitely an improvement. But make the photo/video sets more erotic and interesting (aka like Playboy style) please. Thanks.

by mike on 18 SEP 2017 23:43


She is an beauty from a girl, sexapheel

by Pieter on 18 SEP 2017 21:02


Agatha Vega is a beautiful girl. She doesn't need all the hardware.

by icu2qt on 18 SEP 2017 17:01

helga grey

They did it.
They got a super slim stacked babe, lacitating, and her tits are most amazing Ive seen.
If only they somehow keep her tits full and shoot and shoot more and more of her.
Perfect lady.
Perfect face.
Perfect body.
Perfect breasts.
I think Ill be a member forever.
Just wow.
Plain wow

by dugger on 18 SEP 2017 02:33


Glad to hear you like her THAT much!

by Jarda on 18 SEP 2017 02:33

Mobile Site

When we'll have a mobile version of the site? Im sure your are getting a lot of traffic from smartphones, but the site is the same in a smartphone than a computer. One of the reason I join was because I thought you'll have a more friendly site for mobile for the members, but you don't. Are you planning on changing this?

by Dante on 17 SEP 2017 19:28


We are working on it as we speak. We hope to roll out the mobile version very soon!

by Jarda on 17 SEP 2017 19:28
Just Me

Agatha - What a Treat

Such a beautiful young lady showing us her wonderful open door to paradise with such splendour. With a great display of her love cream creating that extra touch of intimacy.
Her intimate workout with the subtle boob movements and the intense motions of her fantastic pussy lips are surely a special treat. I like that the camera did not zoom in for that scene, allowing undisturbed indulgence. Though I must admit I would enjoy a repeat of that scene in the same video as close-up and again in slow motion. Now I have to watch the video over again :-(
If you can please ask Agatha, no more tattoos and no more piercings (a girl has exactly the right amount of holes at the right places).

by Just Me on 14 SEP 2017 09:31


Yeah, I agree that some additional close-ups would not hurt the video. The Latin girls are crazy shy and don’t want to shoot them… I hope it will change when they get used to the camera a bit. I will pass her your wish about tattoos and piercings, I hope she will listen.

by Jarda on 14 SEP 2017 09:31

Agatha Vega on the Couch

Amazing Pic - Fantastic Video... when she opens her legs, spreads her soft lips, You can see her wer Spot.... watch her comming on the couch, while rubbing her beautiful slut.... More of her!

by ring4ever on 14 SEP 2017 03:56


We are happy you like it!

by Jarda on 14 SEP 2017 03:56


Speaking of someone else(in my last post), is Aliana game for doing pee scenes?

by Bob on 13 SEP 2017 23:14


No, she is not interested in that at all.

by Jarda on 13 SEP 2017 23:14


There has been a lot of promise of more peeing material on the forums, but little follow through. In one of my previous posts, you had said you'll ask my suggested names of Resha, Evelina, Nedda, Yuji and Laury. Did any of them agree to do pee scenes? Or anyone else?

by Bob on 13 SEP 2017 23:12


It’s not that easy to get the girls to pee in front of a camera, unfortunately. None of the listed ones are at the moment available for shooting pee scenes. We will keep trying!

by Jarda on 13 SEP 2017 23:12


Aliana looks a lot better here than in other sites I've seen her.
She has the potential to become an internet superstar!!!
She looks better without a tan so she should use sunblock until she loses all her tan lines and her natural pale skin will glow!
Also, she should get a perfect brazilian wax job.
And if she loses 5 pounds or so, she would be the most successful model in the web!!!
I guarantee it!

by nomad45 on 12 SEP 2017 19:02


We are happy to hear you like her better than in the other sites. We also think she’s gorgeous. We will suggest all those improvements to her, maybe she will decide to listen.

by Jarda on 12 SEP 2017 19:02

marvellous Horse- shooting

Something new! Good idea and a marvellous photo- shooting!

by ring4ever on 12 SEP 2017 14:57


Happy to hear you like it!

by Jarda on 12 SEP 2017 14:57

Just joined for Kendra!

I had seen Kendra's videos around for awhile, but finally decided to join so I could see them all in high quality. Loving my time here so far. Does anyone ever watch a video together? Edge together?

by Peter on 11 SEP 2017 21:37


Welcome, and we hope you’ll love it for a long time! Say hi to the one who watches with you!

by Jarda on 11 SEP 2017 21:37


The most beautiful girl I`ve ever seen on yours site! Specialy the nice trimmed pussy is realy adorable. Beside the most boring bald pussys, this exemple is absolutly great. The pussys are like little gardens which you should take care on them. The pubic hair is also a part of this little gardens. With the correct care they will bloom in there most wonderful beauty!

by Roby on 10 SEP 2017 17:43


I love your garden analogy! I’ll send your compliments to Aliana.

by Jarda on 10 SEP 2017 17:43

Helga's Tits

Wait Helga's tits are full of milk? You can see some drops of milk running down her boobs. That look so tasty, that's why they look that way... But why aren't you taking advange of this and making a milking production?! That sounds awesome!

by Dante on 08 SEP 2017 12:31


They are indeed full of milk! We were not sure how it would be received. But if more people say they want it, we are certainly not against it.

by Jarda on 08 SEP 2017 12:31

Karin Torrss - Wet Bikini

...backstage Video is a burner - but I also may like to see her comming with this pink Fun-Stick in her juicy clit... please give us a video, watching her comming...

by ring4ever on 06 SEP 2017 18:00


There will be a full-length masturbation video with Karin soon.

by Jarda on 06 SEP 2017 18:00
Just Me


This lovely young lady amazes every time - looks and personality. Those wonderful female assets she carries between her legs and her tantalising way to present them, particularly in the doggy style position, creating a glimpse of heaven on earth.
I am dreaming of a nice long video exploring that position/movement; may be with an insert like a banana. It would be great if she was ready for such a presentation. As I have said before please keep Karin coming.

by Just Me on 06 SEP 2017 08:46


That is an awesome idea! We will do that as soon as possible.

by Jarda on 06 SEP 2017 08:46


PLEASE!!!! we need a million sets with Aliana!!! I could watch her vids and pics 24-7

by nomada45 on 05 SEP 2017 05:39


I don’t know if a million… but she received a lot of positive feedback, so we will definitely make a lot more sets with her!

by Jarda on 05 SEP 2017 05:39


Aliana must be the most beautiful girl in the web!!! if she only did a smooth wax job next pictorial, she'll become the new internet sensation and she'll be world famous!!!

by nomada45 on 05 SEP 2017 05:21


Actually quite some people seem to like that bush!

by Jarda on 05 SEP 2017 05:21


Long Time ago, that a casting-first-time-model get's off in the photo-session. Very exiting!

by ring4ever on 04 SEP 2017 17:57


We tend to agree!

by Jarda on 04 SEP 2017 17:57