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Just Me

Katrina Osuna

Truly beautiful! I like her more than Irene. It would surely be great to see her again. She also does not seem to be shy, opening her lips nicely.
On another note have you ever thought about a video where the lady is just caressing herself with slow movements, but in the most revealing way. For the viewer this would combine the best of both worlds pictures and videos, allowing to study the beauty in all detail like in pictures -but pictures are somehow sterile- and still having the life effect of a movie. With the lady looking, nearly interacting with the viewer, looking at him, his face and may be a bit lower at his actions. I am not sure how easy it is to make such a production. Well to me this would be the ultimate tease. This cold add a new angle to the otherwise already great W4B productions. Thinking of it Katrina might be an ideal candidate for such a video.

by Just Me on 16 NOV 2018 11:15


We did not think about it, but it’s in fact a really great idea! I’ll see if we can shoot something like that as soon as possible.

by Jarda on 16 NOV 2018 11:15
Erich Zann


Your website , your models , your shooting .....the best in the web !!!
But the most amazing , wonderfull , hot, fabulous girl is Maria...
where did it end??

by Erich Zann on 14 NOV 2018 17:57


Thank you for the praise! Maria is dedicating most of her time to her personal website at the moment, if you like her, you should definitely check it out!

by Jarda on 14 NOV 2018 17:57

Ariela shower

I just watched Ariela doing the shower movie and I was thoroughly turned on. I was happy when she finished the shower and had spread and played with her pussy for a while but when she walked over to the chair all wet and started pumping her finger deep inside and the sound of her juices and her thrusting were too much. I feel like she opens and lifts her legs and says come look at my pussy so wet and wild. I love the close ups of her very wet pussy and ass. She is the complete package and more. Want a turn on. More of the wonder please.

by Billsam on 12 NOV 2018 13:11


We are delighted to hear that you like her (and the video) so much! There will definitely be more of her, she’s one of the best we had so far!

by Jarda on 12 NOV 2018 13:11
Just Me

Don't Mess With Me

Good Idea. Great Performance.
Now I'm off to the gym, feeling guilty and having to prepare for the next encounter with Milla.
PS: This is one of those nice sporty action movies you present every now and then - well done. Aren't we going into the skiing season soon and might we have a brave contender for some action on a sunny day in the snow?

by Just Me on 12 NOV 2018 11:57


Thanks for the compliments! There will most likely be a sunny skiing session. We don’t yet have any tough, winter-resistant candidate, but as soon as we find one, we are doing it!

by Jarda on 12 NOV 2018 11:57


Likka is awesome new model and yes, there should be More of her and as fast as possible

by @petlyy on 10 NOV 2018 10:12


We are glad to hear that you like Likka.

by Jarda on 10 NOV 2018 10:12


No girl gets me harder than Ariela. She has the best natural body of any person I’ve ever seen. I love to see her bend over and open her pussy for us to enjoy. I would love to get more rear view doggie style pictures of her and have her finger herself some from that position. Is she reserved? Does she do whatever you ask? What’s next??

by AlexS on 08 NOV 2018 19:45


I agree, she’s stunning. Rear view doggie style should be feasible, she’s usually up for anything, but we don’t direct her much. We think it’s better to let her do “freestyle”.

by Jarda on 08 NOV 2018 19:45
Just Me

The Storm is Coming

Great cover photo ..... creating an exciting promise ..... of which the delivery is somehow disappointing. This production has a great model and a great scenery, yet it takes over half of the pictures and 4:20 out of 5:30 minutes in the video before the model is nude. In my books that is seriously missing the point. This could have been a top production if the cloths would have been shed within the first 10% of it. What a disappointment when she is lifting herself up in the chair legs in the air wide spread but the excitement is covered by the slip.
Fortunately this is not the standard I typically experience at W4B - just making sure it does not creep in.

by Just Me on 06 NOV 2018 07:04


It won’t, but she is somewhat special and we thought she could be interesting also with her clothes on.

by Jarda on 06 NOV 2018 07:04

¿What happened with denisse?

She is so beautiful, for me she the best of this site. I hope to see her again.

by Max on 05 NOV 2018 05:49


She had a baby, multiple boob jobs, and she doesn’t want to shoot erotic styles anymore.

by Jarda on 05 NOV 2018 05:49
Just Me

Pleasures of Life

Hi Jarda,

You win your bet! Li Moon has not lost her charm a bit. She is as attractive as ever and she always has that aura of mystery surrounding her, with an encouraging underlying smile shining through.
The entry of this video is also perfectly done, creating this very natural atmosphere with the subtle tease focusing on that wonderful cleavage of Li Moon. Her figure is excellent for such an entry. May be with an even more revealing top and a longer teasing phase next time - I hope there will be next times with her. She is obviously ideal for some boobs play if she is up to it.

On another note I want to compliment Sky on his comments in "Leona's Smiles". Not only applied to Leona, but as important features for all models to "What makes a woman sexy" as he terms it so nicely. It is these ladies plus the right choreography, which make W4B special.

by Just Me on 04 NOV 2018 06:57


I’m glad I win, I should have bet something big! We should probably start thinking about having Li Moon again, and possibly do some boobs play.

We always try to high-lite the interesting and beautiful sides of each girl… it’s very individual and obviously sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes less. But we don’t believe in copy&paste style for everyone, it would be unnatural and boring.

by Jarda on 04 NOV 2018 06:57

I, maybe, one of your oldest newbies ...


Extremely lovely site you have here. The ladies are rivetingly gorgeous, sexy and … plentiful (uuummm to be clear, I am referring to quantity, but ...). A few of the models are familiar to me - especially the entrancing Jati (although she has had a few `names'). She was my foremost reason in joining up. And you have VIDEOS of her - absolutely perfect!

But the underlying reason for an ANNUAL subscription, is that I am also very much delighted at new (for me, at least) `discoveries' such as Denisse Gomez - wow! There are even the occasional fellow-member, whose posts I have seen at other sites which I had also frequented - appearing here, in the W4B Forum. So I am already feeling a little `at home'! :)

All-in-all, I have no doubt that I will love it here and want to offer-up my gratitude for such an excellent site. Being retired - and probably half-a-world away, coming into a very hot Summer - I suspect that I will spend a great deal of time here. My air-conditioning will try to make my off-line self comfortable, but I expect some beads of sweat due to the remarkable W4B models. Although only just having departed another network. I do not doubt that I will be so transfixed on these lovely ladies, that I am unlikely to remember how to say `homesick', let alone feel it! Watch for Beauty, indeed!

by Hippie@Heart on 02 NOV 2018 05:26


Welcome ‘home’! We are happy to hear our site makes you feel that way and we hope you will have a lot of fun discovering all our beauties.
PS: We are collectively envious of the upcoming summer in your part of the world!

by Jarda on 02 NOV 2018 05:26


Earlier this year you had promised a return for Clover, but that hasn't worked out yet. Could you please plan for a tour with her well in advance this autumn or winter? I've been eagerly waiting for her return, as I am sure are many other members.

by Mark on 28 OCT 2018 18:03


That’s true, we did promise her return. Because she promised she would come back to Prague soon, but in the end, she didn’t have a chance to go. As soon as she’s here, we will shoot a few sets with her.

by Jarda on 28 OCT 2018 18:03

Sapphira with Sabrisse?

It's great to see Sabrisse back and more daring than before. I know Sapphira has been in semi-retirement for a while now, but any chance she can be persuaded to return temporarily to Watch4Beauty and do some lesbian stuff with Sabrisse, since both of them are said to be romantically involved in real life(at least as per their social media accounts)?

by Mark on 28 OCT 2018 18:00


We are also very happy that she is finally a bit more daring! Sapphira unfortunately went into the opposite direction, and now all she wants to show is topless and soft nude. So I don’t think it’s an option, but I can certainly ask!

by Jarda on 28 OCT 2018 18:00

More Brit/Aislin

Any more Brit shoots in the pipeline? She’s gorgeous and really knows how to pose and show off that pretty pink pussy..

Also will any Aislin sets be coming up?

by Vikinglover on 28 OCT 2018 14:50


At the moment we are not planning to shoot anything with Brit, but we are ready to shoot her the minute she decides to do masturbation. And we never got a lot of positive feedback for Aislin, so I don’t think we will have her again.

by Jarda on 28 OCT 2018 14:50

Leona's Smiles

W4B you're so right about Leona - a real, true Russian beauty, one of a kind and yet a universal charmer. One thing I appreciate most about your site is your emphasis on a girl's personality, and her smile - how it can be one of the wonders of the world and a saving grace. Leona's smile was what caught me up in her casting set but I really like how you took the time & space here now to let her personality shine through in the magazine story. Beautifully done. You let the camera love her and you let her love us. That was the key for me.

Loved the lines of her body, the way she extends them gracefully, effortlessly, and the closeups of her breasts (why is it sites don't let us enjoy a woman's breasts unless they're big?). She's got a killer smile and a way of using her eyes that grabs my gut, so many different emotions given. I liked the way she kept seeming to say in her set, "I wanna show you more..." And wow what a body to show. I'll be around for Leona for sure, enjoying all she's got to give and all she's going to learn about herself with us, here.

All the brightness of Leona now shines, for me, in the rest of her work with you - her firecracker sexiness, her excitement, her youthful innocence as well as the mature woman emerging from inside such a powerful package. The whole package. *That's* what makes a woman sexy, for me, and that's what makes me a longtime member here.

by Sky on 26 OCT 2018 06:17


Beautifully said! You are right, she has the full package! We will do our best to keep her coming back as long as she has this much fun in front of the cameras!

by Jarda on 26 OCT 2018 06:17
Tristan Heart

Sabrisse - Autumn Mood

So amazing to see Sabrisse here again :-)

Even though every person is unique there are just some that we still call "one-of-a-kind" and Sabrisse really is one of these people, she's an incredibly beautiful girl ^.^

A big welcome back to Sabrisse, I can't wait to see the rest of the sets you guys shot with her ;-)

by Tristan Heart on 23 OCT 2018 06:53


I couldn’t agree more! More sets with her will come soon, so stay tuned :-)

by Jarda on 23 OCT 2018 06:53

Casting Fox

I liked the set done by Fox. More of her would be welcome.

by SilverSurfer99 on 22 OCT 2018 13:28


Glad to hear you liked her!

by Jarda on 22 OCT 2018 13:28
Just Me

Ranking Newbies and More

I guess it is never fair to do ranking on a plain casting shot since there are very different criteria influencing such a process. But as they say: "You have only one opportunity to create a first impression."
My choices of follow ups on your recent castings (only on a yes/no basis, not ranked within these two categories) would be Fox, Frey (despite of her tattoos), Antonela, Amber Serano, Avril and Lika over Milana, Jenifer, Leona and Alice.
Still with all these beautiful models it is the way they are being presented and also the brand you want to create/enforce of this site.
Have you been thinking about increasing your update frequency? It would be nice. But I must say it is quite sufficient, combined with quantity built up over time. And concerning new updates - quality is so much more important than quantity.
You also strike a good balance between repeats on a top model and variety. And I still feel each casting should have a less sterile (quality) follow up.
Those castings could/should be not part of your regular updates but additional to them, giving you the challenge of more quality productions.

by Just Me on 22 OCT 2018 06:27


Thanks for your list! We’ll see if we can get at least some of them to come back. We would like to update more frequently, but we are a small team and already now, we are giving it our all, I don’t think it’s possible for us at this stage to increase the update frequency.

by Jarda on 22 OCT 2018 06:27
Just Me


This young lady has a beautiful figure and a lovely face with a bit of an exotic touch. Really beautiful lips in her face and between her legs, very stimulating when shown simultaneously as in your feature picture - that naughty, inquisitive, nearly challenging look while presenting her femininity in all detail.
Over and above this beautiful body she presents herself in that natural semi-confident way yet with that determination of sharing. She could be an ideal candidate to become uninhibitedly naughty without acting. You need to catch her in a series before she outgrows that phase.

by Just Me on 22 OCT 2018 05:44


I agree, she might be in the most interesting stage of her career right now!

by Jarda on 22 OCT 2018 05:44


Of course I like to watch more foxy Fox.

by Smokystone on 22 OCT 2018 04:22


Thanks for the feedback!

by Jarda on 22 OCT 2018 04:22

Irene Rouse’s pee scenes

Hi Jarda,
Irene is super hot and talented to me. I love the way she moves her whole body, then spreading her legs and show the world her very private part in details. Everytime Irene appears, I can’t wait to see her scene wherever I am: at home, at work, on car, even at a meeting with my customer,... Because I has been waiting for her pee scene from the first time you say she can do pee stuffs. Seeing all the little private holes like anal hole, pee hole is seeing the most secret of a girl to me. And when she speading wildly and peeing, it’s like that beautiful and talented girl is saying: hey, I love you fan and I am showing you the most secret of my life.
I love W4B because only you have beautiful models doing many pee scenes with many poses, just like Sapphira, Clover, Maria,... and now I’m looking forward to Irene eveyday. The last scene “Just for you” of Irene was so hot, I really love it, but please tell me: do we have more pee martirial with Irene?

by Chidu on 21 OCT 2018 00:48


We are happy to hear that Irene has such a passionate fan out there! There will be more pee scenes with her in the future, so stay tuned! I hope your customers won’t mind you giving priority to Irene!

by Jarda on 21 OCT 2018 00:48