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Peeing in a glass bowl

I had suggested Resha doing this in my post a few weeks back. Has this request been passed on to Resha? Has she agreed to do a homemade video like this?
Also, there was a magazine update with Angel "Something Special" last month, in which she seems to be preparing to pee in a vase, which looked like a teaser for some peeing action there, but there has been no subsequent release of Angel B in which she has done something of that sort. Did she actually end up peeing, and if yes, are you likely to release that set soon?

by Snowman on 29 MAR 2017 02:15


I belatedly saw your response to my previous forum post a few weeks ago. There was one negative comment on the forum about Resha against quite a few positive ones. Is one negative comment enough for a model to go off the radar on this site? Besides, just because she might not be the prettiest girl in her country, is it justifiable to not feature her again? Maria is not the prettiest Russian girl, but look how popular she is! I do hope you continue to feature Resha, at least through her homemade videos. And may be the photographers could make a trip to India to shoot once a few Indian more models have been scouted.

by Snowman on 29 MAR 2017 02:09


I first discovered "Sophia Suarez" on Instagram as, Model Vero. Was stoked to see her on your awesome site, sin ropa! Ella es muy delicioso, mucho gracias!

by rossi on 28 MAR 2017 18:56

Li Moon


by Quint on 28 MAR 2017 17:13

Li Moon

Li Moon has made my life complete. Her videos are like real life with her - as if, right? You guys say who'd believe this beautiful woman could be this wild? I, for one. She's always been a temptress, seducing her way into my fantasies for years - I always knew she would rise to the occasion and blow my mind, given the chance. That's the beauty of it. That's the tension that she creates, the great temptress she is, between the knowing and the unknown promise. That's the wanting. And I stayed around for her, never believing I'd ever be soo lucky, but knowing this woman must be incredible.
At first I said to myself, This new video, even more amazing...? Nothing in life will ever replace the sensations she gave with her first video, our first time... But you're right, guys. Wow. Who knows where the limits are with a wild heart like Li Moon. Thank you, Li, for believing we'd follow you anywhere, wherever you take us.

by Sky on 27 MAR 2017 07:11


Will we be seeing any more sets from Sophia?? She is wonderful.

by D on 24 MAR 2017 18:54


Any chance of bringing Heidi back. I notice on other sites that she is more explicit than the last time she was on W4B, maybe she can repeat that here. She is an amazing model with such flawless ivory complexion and the W4B style of shooting really brings this out

by Jethro on 24 MAR 2017 07:02

Amazing sote

Hello from Detroit Michigan USA, I had joined in 2015 with the nickname JRD2775. Ypur women were amazing then and incredible now absolutely fantastic job. I rejoiced again a few days as some "other sites leave me dissatisfied with content therof. I had inquired about Lorelei in June 2015 dissapointed to not see her in the model's lineup still think she had much more potential and an amazing body. W4B did not dissapoint with Alicia Fox or Denisse Gomez holy god those two among others could stop an airplane mid-flight sizziling hot. Please pleade please include more of the girls standing up spreading their goureous pussies amd standing up spreading their butt cheeks I absolutely love that. Tattoos are fine no problem with that along as they aren't overdone or dis-tasteful. Not a big fan of peeing or dildo play but any ethnicity skin color is absolutely fine by me the sjape and soze of all the women is PERFECT hell if you find a blue women I'd even like that.

Thank you for staying around and setting an industry standard that many sites are going to strive to acheive but come up short by far great work Im not disappointed at all glad I joined again will be around for a while to look at the amazing women if there are any archived pics of Lorelei please republush she had a look about her

Thank you from a good old boy.....

by Pussylover on 23 MAR 2017 21:06

Sofia Suarez

Sofia new favorite. <3 Please give us more of her....thanks!

by randomraccoon on 23 MAR 2017 09:12


Thanks for letting us know. We have another shooting planned with her.

by Jarda on 23 MAR 2017 09:12
Just Me

Sofia Soarez

Sofia must be quite a sporty model with no surplus fat. Her performance is nice. I love the extended clit massage during the rear view scene most. And she is performing to a real clitoral orgasm at the end - nice girl nice video. Unfortunately and in contrast to Amber her tattoos are rather distracting from her beauty than enhancing it.

by Just Me on 22 MAR 2017 12:29


Yes, we expected exactly that type of feedback on her. The tattoos are less distracting in the video.

by Jarda on 22 MAR 2017 12:29


Hi jarda

Quality of this site is Top
And you have some super pretty women off all kinds
As you are working now in Venezuela you could try to get some more ebony girls
Colombia is close and there I think is beautiful women Paradise as well
Do some prospection there at risk you will never want to go back

by Gainsbarre on 22 MAR 2017 09:23


Do you have any specific Colombians in mind? It’s not that easy to find reliable enough people there…

by Jarda on 22 MAR 2017 09:23

New Valenzuelans are great but...

I miss Kendra Roll and Denise Gomez.

by kanshou on 22 MAR 2017 00:52


We all do! If sex-education and contraception were widespread in Latin america, they both could have a long career with us.

by Jarda on 22 MAR 2017 00:52
Just Me

Sade Support

Hi W4B Members

I had a look at Sade's shooting again and can understand that the response on her set was not overwhelming. She seems a bit shy and does not present herself in the video well.
Yet she has the most beautiful assets between her legs, I have seen in a long time, which is well demonstrated in the picture set. With the right focus and a bit more opening up, she should draw a lot more attention.

Members please support me.

In the meantime I will enjoy all the other beauties and brag about Sade once every month.

by Just Me on 21 MAR 2017 18:45
Just Me

Sybil/Lady Dee video

I support Jon. This is a lovely production. Very Sensual and you are getting quite close to my favourite length. It seems Sybil was enjoying it all the way.

by Just Me on 21 MAR 2017 10:51


Very happy to hear that!

by Jarda on 21 MAR 2017 10:51
Just Me


Hi Jarda,

Just to make sure, I found the Amber set great and despite her small breasts she is a beaut. My feedback on her should not be seen negative. This girl has potential and I am eagerly looking forward to the follow-up you have been indicating and may be more follow ups to come.
On the sex toys. I would have been surprised If all members had the same preferences. If we are excited about penetrations would it be a step too far to ask for fruit or veggies, e.g. cucumbers, bananas or strawberries?
Good luck with Denisse - it would be fantastic to see her back.
Lastly - Is there a chance to have Sade back?

by Just Me on 21 MAR 2017 07:42


Thanks for the clarification!
We can certainly experiment a bit and use bananas and cucumber instead of dildos – we already have made such videos in the past. And the models are usually quite ok with it.
We didn’t get much enthusiastic feedback for Sade, so we will not shoot her as a priority. But we are certainly not excluding having her again at some point.

by Jarda on 21 MAR 2017 07:42

Sex Toys

You asked for opinions on Sex Toys, I am 100% FOR them. Please feature them a soften as possible. Any chance we could see Milla with one ?

by Jethro on 20 MAR 2017 06:26


I see that it won’t be easy to reach a consensus here… We will be shooting with Milla soon, so we will try to see if she’s willing to play with a toy.

by Jarda on 20 MAR 2017 06:26

Sybil/Lady Dee video

Loved the video of Sybil/Lady Dee. Keep making more long videos. Also, how do you determine the ratings for the models. How do I vote?

by Jon on 18 MAR 2017 20:36


Glad to hear that! You can vote by clicking the red “like” button under the big cover photo. You can vote either for a model, on her “profile” page, or for a specific issue / video by clicking like under the cover image of that particular photo-set or video.
Hope that helped.

by Jarda on 18 MAR 2017 20:36

I dont see any update from Denisse Gomez

HI! I dont see any update from Denisse, she is my favorite !! are you guys going to poste more material?

by Johnnie on 17 MAR 2017 03:28


Denisse has retired from modelling. We are trying to bring her back, keep your fingers crossed!

by Jarda on 17 MAR 2017 03:28
Just Me


Hi Quint,
I guess you are talking about Amber. Please give her a good rating so we may have the pleasure of meeting her again.

by Just Me on 16 MAR 2017 17:29


I think Rose is a great example of how a perfect body (I happen to like small to medium boobs) and nuances in demeanor along with reactions to sexual stimuli in videos contribute to true beauty!

by Quint on 16 MAR 2017 15:25


We are happy to hear that you like her!

by Jarda on 16 MAR 2017 15:25