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Old Baldy


Yes please. More Jenifer.

by Old Baldy on 15 JAN 2019 06:14


We will see what can we do!

by Jarda on 15 JAN 2019 06:14

Girls that must appear here

Hi guys,

I have two names to suggest; please bring Marina R and Yelena to this awesome site, These two girls are real pearls and I am sure that many people would love them as much as I love them. The ones who don´t know Marina R and or Yelena won´t regret to support my suggestion!

by Hugo on 13 JAN 2019 11:14


If you mean Maria Rya, I have good news for you, she will be featured soon. But I’m not sure who is Yelena – can you send a link maybe?

by Jarda on 13 JAN 2019 11:14


In the spotlight was fabulous, but I would love to see a Video of her looking at me during her explicit spread, like the photo's. Don't know if you made one, but she is still around, and good Video of her is hard to find as mentioned. I know she will not masturbate as I guess she wants to stay classy, and I know she knows she is hot; therefore, I bet she demands a high price. Sooo?!?

by Apollo on 11 JAN 2019 20:49


Since she will not masturbate, what do you suggest that she does in the video?

by Jarda on 11 JAN 2019 20:49

Abella's Crystal Orgasm

Too often filming with lighting from behind leaves glare that washes out the model. The way you filmed with curtains as a filter was excellent. Fans of feet should love this scene; even I enjoyed watching her feet writhing with pleasure. And, fans of Minnie Mouse ears will be ecstatic.

What new version of the website? Would you mind giving a bit more insight.

by Apollo on 11 JAN 2019 15:50


Yeah, she has a lot to offer in my opinion!
We are working on a new version of W4B with hopefully better functionality and design. There have unfortunately been some setbacks lately, but we hope to roll it out asap.

by Jarda on 11 JAN 2019 15:50

Serenity - she may well be, but not so much myself

Wow! The bewitching Serenity leaves me feeling decidedly UNserene. What a beauty!!! Sublime as to so many of her individual aspects - and, as for the wondrous arrangement of same - eye-popping, stunning, riveting - and other such terms signifying visual-intoxication-and-addiction!!!

May she cause me great `disquiet' - again - very soon! Please?

Wishing you, Jarda, and your wonderful team a magnificent 2019! From such deserved great fortune, we members can only reap enormous rewards, as well! A sincere thanks indeed for the many delights that you have already provided!

by Hippy@Heart on 11 JAN 2019 06:22


Thank you for your feedback about Serene! I was honestly expecting more voices asking to have her more often.
On behalf of the whole team – thank you and have a great 2019 too! There are many more delights to come!

by Jarda on 11 JAN 2019 06:22


Would be nice to have a #assplay for those of us who love that

by randymart on 10 JAN 2019 03:57


We will keep it in mind for the new version of the website – hopefully coming soon.

by Jarda on 10 JAN 2019 03:57

Casting Serenity

How exciting to see a *new* girl, and such a beauty too. Sex appeal over the top. Love to see more video. Please Sir, can I have some more?

by Apollo on 09 JAN 2019 02:56


Glad you like her! We will try to get her back soon!

by Jarda on 09 JAN 2019 02:56

Beauty in the Rain

Normally, I prefer a simple studio setting when viewing erotic scenes because my focus is on the girl and not on scenery. As mentioned, changing props or filming outdoors does not affect the monotonous masturbation routines that remain a constant. (Seems like the Russian guys like to film outdoors a lot; do you think it has to do with a sense of freedom?)

That being said, I deviate from my opinion in this case; the sound of the rain is hypnotic, and very soothing while watching the scene. It is different, and that is what I like about your site; you are thinking outside the box. I do not ever remember a scene filmed in the rain for erotica, (unless you did it). Scene in the jungle, raining, a girl steps out of the foliage draped in leaves; she walks towards us staring intently while slowly removing the leaves, etc. (just make sure you get all the bugs off first, ha ha)

by Apollo on 07 JAN 2019 15:38


We like shooting outdoors because it feels less artificial than studios and less boring than apartments. I’m happy to hear you like the sound of the rain, so do we. We did make a couple of experiments in the rain before, but this is the first proper rain video.

by Jarda on 07 JAN 2019 15:38
New Guy

Yummy Delightful jenifer

- sooo Jarda' anytime we'll be seeing the Young Cute Delicious Nubile Jenifer anytime SOON AGAIN ???
she's a delight. that adorable face mixed with that cute shy innocennt youthfulness. jus....WoW!!
can we have more; please.

- keep up the excellent work your team is Awesome' Cheers !

by New Guy on 07 JAN 2019 14:45


we don’t have any immediate plans to get her back. But I’m also not saying never. She is cute as hell, but there was not a lot of feedback on her and we’re shooting more popular girls at the moment.

by Jarda on 07 JAN 2019 14:45

Filming Style

This may be redundant because I recognize the quality work you do. Over the years, I notice that many photographers video is shot with both too much camera movement and odd angles. I prefer more natural as if my eyes were the camera and the model is performing just for me. The last thing I would do is tilt my head sideways while I watch, or upside down. Maybe they think they art making art. The other thing that is upsetting to me is when two cameras are used and there is a disconnect with the editing; just when the model is looking at me they switch views. Too much changing and moving of the camera destroys the continuity and disturbs my concentration. Yes, I know, all of the men who watch are doing so because they appreciate the potential "Oscar" winning films being made and none of them are masturbating while they watch.

by Apollo on 04 JAN 2019 18:36


It always helps us to read the opinions of you – our members. What you like and what you don’t like. We are always trying to improve and it’s really helpful to have a feedback. So thank you for yours!

by Jarda on 04 JAN 2019 18:36

Irene's Tongue

We spoke about use of the tongue and I noticed that Irene has often stuck her tongue out in photo's. Can you have her tease us during her explicit posing with her tongue; I think she can easily do it. Bouncing her butt (like she does) when she teases us with her sexy stares would be a great time to tease us with the tongue as well. I understand that these are not trained actresses and that they can only do what they are willing or able to do, and that is why most of the content with solo girls is always the same; masturbation video being the easiest to do in that it takes up a lot of time. Popular models like Ariela and Milla are on numerous sites and what they do and how they do it are mostly the same, i.e. Ariela always closes her eyes when masturbating. So, thank you for using creativity with these more popular models when displaying their art on your site.

by Apollo on 04 JAN 2019 18:01


We can definitely try it next time we work with Irene. You’re right about the more experienced girls, they tend to fall into routines and then their content ends up looking all the same, that’s normal. We try to break their routine, but it’s not very easy.

by Jarda on 04 JAN 2019 18:01


Ok, that walk in her transparent lingerie was beyond exciting. I saw those men to her right. Did they stop and look at her tits at all. She didn’t cover them, so I guess she knows they looked st her. Would she actually remove her top next time please. This girl gets me so excited beyond belief. More public please

by Nowhard on 03 JAN 2019 20:01


You bet she knew they were looking at her! She was the center of attention of the whole street!

by Jarda on 03 JAN 2019 20:01

Backstage versus longer videos

Am I the only one who would like greater distinction between backstage videos and longer videos? It seems to be that they are mixed up quite a bit, the ability to search under either heading would be useful

by megabetaboy on 03 JAN 2019 15:01


I understand your confusion. We are working hard on a new version of the website with improved functionality. Until then, we’re sorry for the hassle.

by Jarda on 03 JAN 2019 15:01

Ariela sexy walk

This video was more than amazing. I loved that she stripped down to her sheer bra and panties in public and in the beach, but wish more people would have gotten close to her and we could see them look at her for a bit. Then the action on the table and the close ups of her nipples were so great and even close ups of her open wet pussy. She is the best model by far I believe and she is the reason I will keep my membership. Just an amazing body and so cute and willing to do anything to keep her fans excited and wanting more. If I had a wish it would be to see more ass and rear pussy shots and more public nudity! Great job!

by Alex26 on 03 JAN 2019 13:08


Happy you like that video, we are quite proud of it! If the other people were any closer, we’d need their permission to show them and it would kind of kill the whole mood, so this is the best we can do.

by Jarda on 03 JAN 2019 13:08

more of please

I have to say Irene and Katrina are two stunning young woman, more please

by megabetaboy on 03 JAN 2019 09:43


There will be more material with both Irene and Katrina soon.

by Jarda on 03 JAN 2019 09:43
This Is Me

Nika - Oil Set is Delicious

one word. exquisite. can we have more of your beautiful exotic models in ALL Oil sets like this....what a wonderful way to ring the New Year'. yeah i know its older sets. but for me its Brand New. Love each and every picture.

by This Is Me on 31 DEC 2018 23:05


Nika was a babe, we miss her! Happy new year!

by Jarda on 31 DEC 2018 23:05
This Is Me

Nika - Ford Shelby Cobra

HOT Dang' fellas

ohh man oh man. i absolutely LOVE your naturally gorgeous women with super exotics like that Ford Shelby Cobra. PLEASE More Sets & Photos like these with more models. thank you .

by This Is Me on 31 DEC 2018 23:01


Any time we can put our hands on an old gorgeous American muscle car, I guarantee you that we will throw one of our beautiful models onto it too!

by Jarda on 31 DEC 2018 23:01
This Is Me

Irene Rouse - Flexible Beauty...... WoW !!

as i said before; Jus' ............WoW !!!
please , PLEASE film another film with Irene Rouse showing her Flexibility like her film Flexible Beauty. such a perfect beautiful film......One of my Favs of her right next to Batgirl. yummy yummy yum yum. can't get enough of her.

by This Is Me on 31 DEC 2018 22:58


Then you’re in luck, Irene is one of our favorite models too, so there’s a lot more material with her coming soon!

by Jarda on 31 DEC 2018 22:58
Just Me

Hi Liloo

Now You have irrefutably tipped the scale of my uncertainty. You are definitely my favourite Columbian model. Thanks for this present in late 2018. I hope to see a lot more of You in 2019.
Wishing You and everyone @ W4B, including models and members a great one. Make the BEST out of it.
Don't look back and ask "Why?" - Look forward and ask "WHY NOT!!"

by Just Me on 31 DEC 2018 07:09


Happy to hear you have estabilished your favorite Colombian model! Liloo is a great choice and there is more material with her coming soon.
Thank you for your wish and Happy 2019 to you!

by Jarda on 31 DEC 2018 07:09

When Its Wet; Its WET !!

Frida Chair' Is Exactly ; reminds me of irene's batgirl. I LOVE LOVE LOVE so GOD DAMN Much these Up Close POV Personal " I'm Right There " with her VIEWS. Especially when the Camera Angles & Motions Follow the Models " Pleasure Parts " . Unlke other typical sites where there POV syles SUCK ASS badly. No Pun intended. but they're really horrible. c'mon like any Idiot with a HD / Blu-Ray Camcorder or Go-Pro 4K - 8K can call themselves an " PHOTOGRAPHER " ...but NOT you guys actually ARE THE " PHOTOGRAPHER " ...... Again Beautiful . just DAMN Fine Work. Please Keep these Styles & Types Of POV PERSONAL FILMS Giving Us More And More. Love Each , Every One of Them.

- W4B is the Best of The BEST !!!

- FYI - Absolutely LOVED all the Wetness & with the alone time Film. Beautiful Work Fellas'.

by NEW GUY AGAIN !! on 31 DEC 2018 04:19


You’ll probably find more videos like that if you dig around a bit. Some of them have words like “details” or “close” in the title, so try to search for those and have fun!

by Jarda on 31 DEC 2018 04:19