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Kendra Roll?

Will there be any more photos and videos of Kendra Roll? She is absolutely beautiful, and the deciding factor on getting a subscription here. I would love to see more of her :)

by Dusk on 24 FEB 2017 14:05


We would love to have her back as well. She has just became a mom, so we have to wait for her to get back in shape.
We’re getting new, fresh Latina girls soon.

by Jarda on 24 FEB 2017 14:05


Loving your new girls Ariela, Jati and Alison Fox. Just wondering whether Alla is still modelling. She was another fresh new beauty that seemed to just disappear. Still got her number? Would love you to give her a call.

by Fromafar on 22 FEB 2017 01:12


Sometimes new girls just stream in, so even a good one like Alla may get lost. We do have her phone number and I’ll dial her right now to see if she wants to share more of her beauty with us!

by Jarda on 22 FEB 2017 01:12
Just Me


Great to see this Beauty again. She seems to be a bit uncomfortable in this "public nudity" environment. Please don't push her too much in this direction. I am afraid she might loose her natural touch.
I love to see her in films in nature or indoors with movements of these beautiful boobs partially in slow motion.
But whatever you decide please show more movies with this GREAT LADY.
For me one of the best characteristics of your site is that the ladies are still, or at least act very natural. Keep it up!

by Just Me on 21 FEB 2017 09:41


She was a bit unsure, but not uncomfortable. We actually think that you get much more natural reactions when you take people a bit out of their comfort zone.
And there will be more films with her magnificent boobs in (slow) motion.

by Jarda on 21 FEB 2017 09:41


Just been looking through the Forums this year and suprised there is no mention of Iva. She is fantastic and must be highly rated, Please bring her back with some masturbation shots.

by Jethro on 21 FEB 2017 08:39


We would love to, but she’s unfortunately too shy to masturbate on camera.

by Jarda on 21 FEB 2017 08:39
Redhead lover

Alison Fox

Lovely ! Always appreciate redheads.

by Redhead lover on 21 FEB 2017 04:54


We are happy to hear that!

by Jarda on 21 FEB 2017 04:54


After browsing through W4B.. I've some suggestions..

1) please put backstage videos in different sizes similar to stills in zip files of different resolutions. In some videos it's literally 100 Mb for each minute.. Like one of Inga's 3 mins 299MB. That's too huge. With lower size videos you could squeeze in longer duration stuffs.
2) please provide pagination of your collections (with filter by year preferably). I see previous and next link buttons or load more option. A First (latest) & last (oldest) would be great. Also choice of sets per page would be helpful.I wanted to check out your earlier collections but got lost & tired of clicking one page at time. Is there a way to jump to the earliest of 2200+ updates
3) I searched for squirt / squirting videos/galleries. No results. Also almost no dance / strip tease :( Please tell me I am searching wrong

by Dolfin on 20 FEB 2017 20:33


1. I agree with you, however our art director feels that the loss of quality is too great with higher compression and he doesn’t want to publish low-quality stuff.
2. We are currently working on a brand new interface with improved search & filtering options. Please be patient.
3. We do have quite some pee content, but no squirting. We don’t do much striptease either, but it’s a cool idea, we will shoot more of them.

by Jarda on 20 FEB 2017 20:33


Hi Jarda,

Thanks for responding to my queries. I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing more of Sybil especially her peeing. Among latinas you suggested I really liked Kendra & Denisse. Both are hot & naughty particularly Kendra. I would love to see more of Kendra in future. You should get her to pee as well ;)

Regarding VR & 3D, I thought 3D was easier to produce. But VR is more more exciting for sure. VR videos would definitely be great addition to W4B site when you guys do them.

One more suggestion. Try to get some good Indian girls. Resha is ok but there are much more sensuous Indian ladies out there. It's bit difficult to get but with some digging you might get some really spicy Indian girl.

Keep up the good work! Cheers :)

by Dolfin on 17 FEB 2017 23:15


I’m happy you like our hot Latinas. Kendra is at the moment dealing with her newborn, so won’t be shooting for a few months. But when she’s back in shape, we will do our best to bring her back.
3D is indeed easier to produce. It’s also pretty much a dead technology. We are curious if any of the emerging trends will become mainstream enough to switch to it at least partially.
And if you know any Indian girl who wants to shoot for us, we are more than happy to have her!

by Jarda on 17 FEB 2017 23:15

Sybil pee

I second that suggestion. She's beautiful and hot. Would love to see her in new scenes, perhaps with make-up and fetish outfit (leather and boots).

by Sturgeon on 17 FEB 2017 20:32


That’s certainly an interesting suggestion! We will keep it in mind when we have her around.

by Jarda on 17 FEB 2017 20:32


She has to be the hottest girl you have. Please do more more with her. You like she would do a pee seen?

by Dick on 17 FEB 2017 09:13


Happy to hear you like her! We will certainly try to shoot some pee scenes with her.

by Jarda on 17 FEB 2017 09:13
fb fanatic


Do you plan to do more shoots with Lea? Thanks.

by fb fanatic on 16 FEB 2017 04:21


She’s 6 months pregnant at the moment. Maybe after she delivers her baby and puts herself back in shape.

by Jarda on 16 FEB 2017 04:21

Ass/anal winking

Hi.. I'm new to the site. I was wondering if you have any ass/anal winking videos. I would be great to watch the sexy ladies ass wink ;)

by Dolfin on 15 FEB 2017 21:12


Our latina girls excel at that! Check videos featuring Denisse, Kendra, Lea etc!

by Jarda on 15 FEB 2017 21:12

3D or VR videos


Do you guys have plans for doing 3D or VR videos anytime soon?


by Dolfin on 15 FEB 2017 20:43


3D certainly not, we are thinking about VR, but nothing concrete yet.

by Jarda on 15 FEB 2017 20:43

Sybil Dance & Pee

Sybil is incredibly beautiful sensuous lady. Would love to see her pee and dance.

by Dolfin on 15 FEB 2017 20:38


We couldn’t agree more! We are planning to have a shooting session with her soon, so we will keep your suggestions in mind.

by Jarda on 15 FEB 2017 20:38


Will Jati do a boy girl scene ? or do such a scene in another site ? Thank you

by Fedace on 15 FEB 2017 16:54


We don’t do boy/girl scenes at watch for beauty, so we didn’t ask her about that. We have planned a masturbation video with Jati soon.

by Jarda on 15 FEB 2017 16:54

Jati and Alison Fox

anyone know if Jati or Alison Fox will do a masterbation video ? These two girls are hottest girls on any site

by Fedace on 14 FEB 2017 23:47


Jati has already promised to do one soon for us, Alison Fox is considering it.

by Jarda on 14 FEB 2017 23:47

Resha Pee

Hi! Writing in to the forum after a long time. It still seems like I'm the only female member writing in. :(

Some of your recent models have been quite impressive. I really like Resha the best among them. Can you do a pee shoot with her if she's confident enough? I think she would be game for it now, after the excellent masturbation video she sent the last time. I know someone had asked for this before, but I hope the popular demand will convince you to shoot, and her to do it! :)

by Julia on 14 FEB 2017 19:56


We’re trying to get more stuff from Resha at the moment… we will tell her about your request and then it’s really up to her…
PS: We’re happy to have at least one female member :)

by Jarda on 14 FEB 2017 19:56


She is so lovely and just am captivated by her look and hot body and her ass and pussy. What are the chances to get her to masterbate on film?

by Dick on 11 FEB 2017 18:35


Things with Ariela are always quite uncertain, as she changes her mind a lot. But we are trying of course.

by Jarda on 11 FEB 2017 18:35


Please, more model since Sapphira. Better than Sapphira...

by bob on 11 FEB 2017 13:50


Wow, that’s quite a statement! There will be more of Sophia in the near future.

by Jarda on 11 FEB 2017 13:50

Kira and Jati

2 of the most beautiful women ever....More of both please???!!!!!!!!???

by HornySOB on 10 FEB 2017 11:00


There will be more of Jati soon. We don’t have anything planned with Kira at the moment.

by Jarda on 10 FEB 2017 11:00


I love Ariela and her body and her tits, ass, eyes, on and on! She did spread her legs so we could see her pinkness and wetness. Can you get more of her and have her open up even more?

by Utar on 08 FEB 2017 21:47


We certainly hope so!

by Jarda on 08 FEB 2017 21:47