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Her devoted fan


Milla is a beautiful all natural girl.
Her galleries, films are incredible.
She is a favorite. More please Thanks

by Her devoted fan on 18 FEB 2018 17:57


We couldn’t agree more! I hope we will work with her more soon.

by Jarda on 18 FEB 2018 17:57

Lucyˋs Selfies

Unbelieveable hot body - enormous big tits and a very wet slut.... the way, she satisfys her self! Very good... she knows her body and shows us the right parts... Well done!

by ring4ever on 18 FEB 2018 11:20


Thanks for the compliments, we will forward them to Lucy!

by Jarda on 18 FEB 2018 11:20

models opinion

What do the female models say about showing pussy so the guys can masturbate to pussy and get horny and ejaculate

by Fittarunka on 18 FEB 2018 04:22


They like it!

by Jarda on 18 FEB 2018 04:22
Just Me

Re Mily "So Much Beauty"

On request, to explain my rating of mediocrity on my original comment of this production.
During the first two minutes the film shows Mily presenting the scenery, walking dressed around the balcony. There is too much movement to enjoy the scenery and girls with similar outfits can be seen in holiday locations freely. So neither the girl nor the scenery could be rated special during this part. The film then switches abruptly to a naked scene, loosing the opportunity of an erotic, teasing undressing. The short naked scene is followed by a one minute fingering (played masturbation). Although the most exciting part, this is short and neither explicit nor genuine. For the last and longest part of the film Mily is then licking/blow jobbing a dildo with very little erotic presentation of her body, faking excitement during the process.

Although the scenery and the beauty of the model have a lot of potential - the production was at best mediocre compared to my understanding of W4B's standard.

by Just Me on 17 FEB 2018 11:46


Thank you very much for the feedback! We will communicate your points to the photographer and hope he improves those things.

by Jarda on 17 FEB 2018 11:46

Magic View with Angel B

Can you please tell me where you were for that shoot? Your location was so unique. Thanks so much for doing such a great job.

by GuitarSlinger on 14 FEB 2018 17:20


It’s in Lanzarote, specifically Mirador del Rio – we do recommend a visit if you have a chance.

by Jarda on 14 FEB 2018 17:20

Angel B. Outdoor Shooting

Magnificent view - I like to see her pee! Beautiful body

by Ring4ever on 13 FEB 2018 18:44


Glad to hear that!

by Jarda on 13 FEB 2018 18:44
Her Fan

Angel B.

Enjoy all the galleries, videos with the lovely Angel B. More please

by Her Fan on 13 FEB 2018 16:29


Happy to hear you like our Angel – there will be more.

by Jarda on 13 FEB 2018 16:29

The return of Monika.

Yes, Please ask Monika the all natural beauty to return often.
She is a very talented, smart new model.
I am her loyal genuine fan. Thanks

by Stardust on 12 FEB 2018 17:39


We will do that!

by Jarda on 12 FEB 2018 17:39

Paula Shy

Is there some plan to make more photo of Paula Shy I become very happy when I see her pussy

by Fittarunka on 12 FEB 2018 03:39


Probably not, other members have voiced their opinions against Paula, as she’s not the youngest anymore.

by Jarda on 12 FEB 2018 03:39


Absolutely gorgeous Beauty! These few minutes - only a few pictures - but she bares the whole secrets of her body an an unbelievable way!!! Thanks 4 that!

by ring4ever on 11 FEB 2018 13:22


There will be more of Brit soon, stay tuned!

by Jarda on 11 FEB 2018 13:22

Novi/Killa Raketa

Having all but given up hope of seeing Resha on this site ever again, I urge you to try and sign up another exotic Asian model Novi/Killa Raketa from Indonesia ( She's done shoots for sites like TheLifeErotic and WetAndPissy, so I think she I would imagine she's available to travel to Czech Republic, unlike Resha.

by Bob on 10 FEB 2018 21:43


We don’t plan to shoot Killa Raketa, we don’t find her too interesting.

by Jarda on 10 FEB 2018 21:43

Video downloads

Can you make your video downloads in the 640 x 360 format.
I have an older DSL system. Thanks.

by stardust on 10 FEB 2018 20:26


That is a very low resolution. We aim for high resolution, not lower.

by Jarda on 10 FEB 2018 20:26
Just Me

Mily "So Much Beauty"

The goodies of this video: Beautiful model, stunning background scenery.
The not so goodies: First third of the film the beauty is dressed. The middle part is very tame and opportunities to create teasing effects during undressing (strip show) have been missed. The last part is showing a beautiful face, faking excitement on a piece of plastic. My apologies for being straight - in my opinion contributions like this will not draw more members to this site. At best they can serve as fillers between your good productions. This is meant as a feedback to the W4B team. Please feel free to not show it at the forum. I am curious how other forum members comment on this production.

by Just Me on 10 FEB 2018 11:18


We appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. So thanks for being honest. What exactly should be different in your opinion?

by Jarda on 10 FEB 2018 11:18

Mily Mendoza

...the way, she pounds her pussy... the location and the dildo-blowjob... everything fits in this perfect clip

by ring4ever on 09 FEB 2018 05:27


Thanks for letting us know!

by Jarda on 09 FEB 2018 05:27


友情爱钱性交 什么鬼 喔,I love her!

by SaiSai on 08 FEB 2018 16:10


I don’t speak that language, I’m sorry.

by Jarda on 08 FEB 2018 16:10


Monika is a beautiful all natural girl.
She is a smart and talented model.
Hope to see more of her very soon.

by Stardust on 08 FEB 2018 07:33


Looks like we will have to have her again, after all the praise she got.

by Jarda on 08 FEB 2018 07:33

Cheers My Dears

What happened to the Lady Dee update that was up this morning?

by Dunsel on 07 FEB 2018 16:04


I have not noticed anything wrong with it. Is all ok now?

by Jarda on 07 FEB 2018 16:04

@Jada - Jati and Cassidy

- Jati
She really must be a bit of an enigma, no one really seems to have any real word on what her plans are :-P

She has done quite a bit of work already all sites combined, with W4B still sitting on the largest amount of content ^^

- Cassidy
It is a bit of a shame she don't have a profile, as you don't really notice her unless you go through the stories, but then again the shoot wasn't for the W4B site itself so I guess it wouldn't make much sense for her to have a profile :-P

In any case she seems to have retired some time ago, I think the last of her work was released in 2011 :-)

by Tristan on 06 FEB 2018 17:44


You have asked about Jati elsewhere as well? We are happy to be the ones who has the most sets with her!
We hope to restructure the site soon and stories will likely be mashed together with the other updates, if that happens, I imagine all the ladies will have to have their profile. But I’m not deep into that topic.

by Jarda on 06 FEB 2018 17:44

Model Cassidy???

Just came across the model called Cassidy in you guy's "Stories" archives, but she is not on your "Models" list, in fact if you use her name in a search it comes up empty, were there no other shoots with this girl? and why didn't she get a model profile? O.o

by Tristan on 05 FEB 2018 00:42


We don’t have model profiles of these one-timers that are only featured in “stories”. We usually make one when the girl appears in her first proper update (photo-set or video).

by Jarda on 05 FEB 2018 00:42

@totallynudedude - Paula Shy

You don't really need to imagine her losing her inhibitions, Paula hasn't really been held back by her's for years hehe ^^

But yea you are right, she really has an incredibly sweet smile and those big beautiful brown eyes are simply amazing :-)

by Tristan on 04 FEB 2018 23:46


Exactly :)

by Jarda on 04 FEB 2018 23:46