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Yes, more Monika, please! She has so much potential, and sexual power, I was chafing at the bit the whole time viewing her set and backstage video. Just needing more of her, as only W4B can do. There isn't an inch of her body that doesn't warrant kisses, and her expressions are so natural and unaffected you just can't wait to inspire her, to see her eyes light up. Please, more of her soon!

by Sky on 16 JUL 2017 08:09

Karina Baru

Thumbs up from me for the Karina Baru request. She'll reveal her clit from a standing position and allows lots of close-ups of her love cave. Sounds ideal for W4B!

by barefoot on 12 JUL 2017 08:48


OMG!!! Please Please Tell me you have more videos of the Girls.......

by Abby15 on 11 JUL 2017 13:52

Black Swan

First impression about the beginning minutes was bored... but then, Nancy is getting hotter and hotter in the woods - gorgeous!

by Ring4ever on 09 JUL 2017 20:22

Pee all the time

Does Lady Dee ever use a toilet while shooting for W4B? I hope not! ;)

by Julia on 04 JUL 2017 20:48
Just Me

Lady Dee

Great pool action as she is attempting to conquer the floating seat. With this she could have appeared in ' Laurel and Hardy ' unfortunately only with a swimsuit on - and of course without the great outside scene, which in this case is the cherry on top - or is it at the bottom?

by Just Me on 04 JUL 2017 15:08


I love Kendra's comeback. She is absolutely beautiful. Shoot as many videos of her as you can.

by Jon on 03 JUL 2017 20:46


Sapphira is very nice and the photographer makes very good pictures, congratulations

by duchemeu on 30 JUN 2017 11:33
Just Me

Milla in Spain

Great productions with Milla in Spain, each and everyone. You realize you have raised the goalpost for yourself by creating new expectations with members. It seems Angel in Lanzarote will be similarly exciting. I am really looking forward to your future productions.

by Just Me on 30 JUN 2017 08:15

Maria's Fantastic View

...Amazing Video - Amazing photos

by ring4ever on 28 JUN 2017 06:18

Adrijana/Rebecca G

Thanks, Jarda (and to the other members who supported the request :D )
I hope the negotiations to bring her to W4B will be successful. :P

by Sturgeon on 27 JUN 2017 16:54

Tech & Model Suggestions

Hi Jarda,

I build/manage websites as part of my job, so I know what to check in a download URL to see if a token, or a unique URL request, is being used. :)

While we're doing requests, there's a few girls I'd like to see. I'm not sure if any are feasible though.

Karina Baru aka Slava - Latvian girl who appears to have started last year.

Chloe Toy - probably a longshot as she's a British model, but I have seen her show up on a couple of primarily European websites.

Georgia aka Viva - Russian model, seems to have started modelling this year. Only worked for Met so far as I know from the website I use to check.

by Tro on 27 JUN 2017 10:50

Rebecca G

Thanks Jarda!
More of Sade Mare also please (to feed my SM addiction) :)

by barefoot on 26 JUN 2017 23:32

BirgerS52 Downloads

Hi BirgerS52,

In addition to Just Me's comments, I thought I might check whether you're using a download manager?

W4B, like many similar sites, uses a unique token system when a download is requested and the token has an expiry time (not sure how long... 20-30 minutes, perhaps?). Generally this is done for security reasons or to prevent people queuing up an entire site to download AFK!

If you've queued up a few downloads using a manager and a token expires midway through downloading, the download cannot be resumed because the token is no longer valid.

Just a thought. I use a DL manager (responsibly, I'll add! It is set to only have one download going at a time) and can generally queue about six downloads on W4B (depending on file size)

Oh, and Rebecca G? Yes, please!

by Tro on 26 JUN 2017 20:34


Thanks for your help! You seem to have quite some insight into our system!
And Rebecca G. is being requested from our agency.

by Jarda on 26 JUN 2017 20:34
Just Me

Milla - Fun On The Ferries Wheel

A glimpse of a lovely holiday adventure. Not too erotic but very sexy. I love these 'naughty' sets, specifically in a fun environment. They create this 'minute-holiday' experience for me after a demanding day's work.
Although I must support SouternMaster - the set is really on the short side. But the pictures are of superb quality and I would not have liked to miss a single one of them.

by Just Me on 26 JUN 2017 07:37


We are sorry it was so short, but it seems to have achieved (at least with you) what we hoped for – a “minute holiday”.

by Jarda on 26 JUN 2017 07:37

Milla's latest

Too few pictures & only a handful of her nude & without glasses??? That really, really sucks!!!

by SouthernMaster on 24 JUN 2017 12:28


Sorry you think so. It was an exception, next sets will be of the usual length again.

by Jarda on 24 JUN 2017 12:28

Adrijana/Rebecca G

"Anyone else like to see Rebecca G. here?..."

Oh yeah, very sexy girl :)

by barefoot on 23 JUN 2017 14:26


Ok, thanks! I’ll ask our agent to get in touch with her.

by Jarda on 23 JUN 2017 14:26

Kenya and Nessa

Yes get Kenya back

As for Nessa
I also do not like Silicon
She is so sexy and perfectly sculptured
She has one of the sexiest looks
Her pussy lips are to die for
And yes despite silicon, it suits her,..She probably is the only one!!
So I do disagree with you
Sexy is Sexy

by KK44 on 23 JUN 2017 06:26


Yes! Kendra is back! More Kendra please. She is amazing. I can't get enough of her. Now if you can also get Denisse back I will be in heaven.

by Jon on 22 JUN 2017 21:21


We would love to, but Denisse doesn’t want to shoot nude anymore. So for now, Kendra will have to be enough.

by Jarda on 22 JUN 2017 21:21


Can you try getting Frida back on the site? I especially miss her massive peeing scenes in the studio

by Zoltan on 21 JUN 2017 18:02


We miss them too, but it’s unlikely that she will be back. But we will keep looking for a girl who can do those scenes equally well, or perhaps even hotter than Frida.

by Jarda on 21 JUN 2017 18:02