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Ariela's Tropical Dream video was the stuff of dreams indeed. Fantastic video, and looking forward to the rest of the content from your recent trip.
One disappointment, if I may call it that, is that neither Ariela nor Li Moon is into peeing for the camera, and I don't think that would have changed in this trip. I'm a big big fan of the pee stuff on this site. Considering most of your peeing content over the past couple of years has come from your spring/summer trips to Gran Canaria and other exotic places, will that mean there's less pee content to look forward to this year, or are you planning further trips in the summer with models who do pee?

Some indoor pee videos have also been long overdue, on the lines of Caution Wet Floor(Nicole Vice), Details(backstage, Bella Babe) and Chair(Frida). Can we have some of those indoor peeing-on-the-floor scenes too please?

by Bob on 23 APR 2018 20:54


I’m happy to hear that you liked Ariela’s video! You are correct, neither Ariela, nor Li Moon peed in front of the camera, which is a pity.
We know that there are many fans of pee content here, so we will try to get some great pee stuff soon!

by Jarda on 23 APR 2018 20:54

play and download?

Hi out there. Im having trouble playing/downloading videos. Any one else come up against this, or feel like helping me troubleshoot?

by asherwilliams on 23 APR 2018 20:22


Please either drop an email to our support guy with a detailed description of the error, or describe it here, thanks!

by Jarda on 23 APR 2018 20:22
google42 7

More and more Lucky.

You need to have more sets with Lucky. She now has over a hundred sets on the internet and you need to feature more of her sets. So many models make a few sets and are never seen again. She's a winner. And Ariels latest set. Disappointing.

by google42 7 on 22 APR 2018 13:30


You’re right, Lucky is gorgeous, she always somehow slips away from us. But we’ll try harder to get her. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like Ariela’s latest set – mind sharing why?

by Jarda on 22 APR 2018 13:30

A lot to come

....very exited what comes next

by ring4ever on 22 APR 2018 07:53


A lot of great stuff!

by Jarda on 22 APR 2018 07:53
Fan of Ariela


Awesome gallery with the sweet beauty Ariela.
Super outfit, setting and more. Request more.

by Fan of Ariela on 20 APR 2018 17:42


Happy you like it! There’s a lot more of great stuff with her coming soon.

by Jarda on 20 APR 2018 17:42

Seaside holiday - Ariela

Lovely shoot but where was it shot? The island looks wonderful.

by chris on 20 APR 2018 09:22


In the island of Tenerife, it is gorgeous, we highly recommend a visit.

by Jarda on 20 APR 2018 09:22
Just Me


What a beautiful exotic Asian face. Her tits are a bit on the small side, but otherwise a lovely feminine body with such great assets between her legs. I love that beautifully shaped labia and tan colour scheme around it. With a nice background scenery and the right focus during production she could be a true asset to W4B. She still seems a bit shy/reserved, but in a way that makes her even more desirable.
Please keep her coming(cuming).
PS: It is often not that straight forward to assess the quality of a model in a sterile studio production and it should be a principle to follow castings up with a more colourful/dynamic production.

by Just Me on 19 APR 2018 12:19


Thanks for your feedback on Emma. The idea about castings being done in a studio was that the girl stands out and there are no distractions, so you can focus only on her. So I’m surprised that you say that it’s difficult to assess her quality… can you elaborate a bit more? Why do you think a different setting is better to assess the model?

by Jarda on 19 APR 2018 12:19
Just Me

Note to Guitar Slinger

Hi there, I guess Jarda is currently on an excursion with models for some more exotic productions and not commenting on the forum right now. I am sure he will respond to our comments as soon as they are back. What me is concerned I support you on seeing more of Milla. She is just awesome.
For my part I graciously grant Jarda that break :-)

by Just Me on 19 APR 2018 12:01


Thanks, you are correct, I was gone, but now I’m back, ready to answer all your questions! Milla will definitely be back, we are talking to her these days about it.

by Jarda on 19 APR 2018 12:01

Ahhh Emma

What a beauty Emma is. She reminds me how certain women have such a uniquely sexy feminine power. Love her elegance, her style and the way she moves her unforgettable body. We do need more of her, please! Closeups of her face, her breasts, her hips and ass... those perfect features that make her one-of-a-kind. Let's see the ways she wants to explore her powers and, yes, impress. She moves in that way women with long hair have, of letting their tresses dress and undress them, swaying to let the waves of hair sweep gracefully, draping shadows and accenting curves. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks. I really needed this set.

by Sky on 19 APR 2018 06:32


I agree, she’s just graceful. I’ll see if we can have more of her, especially some more naughty stuff.

by Jarda on 19 APR 2018 06:32

about elfia

hello there, is there any more films or pictures of elfia?

by alex on 19 APR 2018 05:23

More Jia Lissa hot lesbo scenes please

Just had a chance to watch Jia Lissa in "A Lot of Licking", and wow, that was one hot video! Please more lesbo scenes and other naughtiness with her!

by Megalith on 18 APR 2018 08:01


We are certainly in on this!

by Jarda on 18 APR 2018 08:01
Fan of Kay.

Model Kay Returning

Can you please have the lovely Kay return. Love to see more of her

by Fan of Kay. on 16 APR 2018 20:10


I’m not sure, I’ll look into that.

by Jarda on 16 APR 2018 20:10

helga grey

can we have a full-length movie of this fantastic girl?
her body is unreal!

by bebe on 15 APR 2018 10:04


We’d love to, but she doesn’t want to masturbate, so until she changes her mind, I’m afraid it won’t happen.

by Jarda on 15 APR 2018 10:04

So No Milla

I'll assume that avoiding a question as simple as mine about the disappearance of Milla from this site means I shouldn't expect to see her back here any time soon. Noted. Thanks.

by GuitarSlinger on 13 APR 2018 11:59


I was gone to help with the shootings for a while. Milla will be back soon.

by Jarda on 13 APR 2018 11:59

Cute Milana

Milana is very pretty and very cute! Please sign her up for more photos and videos.

by Megalith on 10 APR 2018 06:25


There was no other requests for her, so I’m not sure if we will have her again.

by Jarda on 10 APR 2018 06:25


For some reason Avril leaves me speechless at the moment, just sighing over what she's given us. And yet left the desire for so much more... What a sexy, beautiful and captivating woman. Hope we get to see more of her, for sure.

by Sky on 09 APR 2018 06:27


We like her too, I’ll see if we can have her again.

by Jarda on 09 APR 2018 06:27


Just one word needed: MORE!!!!

The next Chica who get‘s off on this roof-top - amazing!

by ring4ever on 08 APR 2018 19:57


I couldn’t agree more with you!

by Jarda on 08 APR 2018 19:57

Eva D / Malinda A links

Hey guys I just saw (elsewhere) that you have Eva D / Malinda A (same model) somewhere here on W4B, I am guessing as a part of a "story" since she can't be found using the search function, any chance you can provide me with the link to the stories where she is featured?

Oh and just to clarify, the names "Eva D" and "Malinda A" should both be the names that she is featured under here on W4B, but "Malinda A" is also her primary model alias across the web ;-)

by Tristan on 07 APR 2018 12:03


Is this the one you’re searching for?

by Jarda on 07 APR 2018 12:03
new member


Wow... the photos and video's of Angel are worth the price of admission.. Keep them coming. What a beautiful woman.. the hair, the smile.. She's lovely!

by new member on 04 APR 2018 17:56


I’m very happy you think so!

by Jarda on 04 APR 2018 17:56
Fan of Angel B.

Angel B. Black Stones

Big fan of the beautiful Angel B.
Love her always. Awesome gallery.
Request more. !!

by Fan of Angel B. on 02 APR 2018 16:41