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voice of the model

I love how Nancy is talking in her film (lovely accent!), I remember also Mila was speaking at New Year. This is very good idea for videos :) Thanks for awesome website!

by night on 22 JAN 2017 21:09


Thank you for the compliments :) We will do our best to keep bringing you the best sexy videos and photos!

by Jarda on 22 JAN 2017 21:09

Angel peeing!

The new pee video featuring Angel is not only your best pee video, but perhaps the best pee video I have ever seen anywhere. Well done W4B!

by Fromafar on 22 JAN 2017 05:03


We are very happy to hear that!

by Jarda on 22 JAN 2017 05:03


Tell Ariela that you challenge her to go farther than any other girl on W4B and I bet she will do it all and more! She did the most by far with some of her other work in the past compared to other models! I think she secretly likes to push herself behyond her limits and shock her fans with more sexual position and toys and other wild stuff like anal and oral. Just my thoughts. Thanks for pushing her!

by Dick on 21 JAN 2017 22:10


We will be working with her for 2 days straight very soon, we’ll see how far we can take it.

by Jarda on 21 JAN 2017 22:10
Just Me


Seemingly a more serious looking girl. But it gives her character. A beautiful face and body with firm boobs, perky nipples and a beautifully crafted pussy. A pleasure to watch. Prepared to insert a dildo on the casting shoot promises a lot more fun. If you can handle so many novices at a time - I would definitely like to see more of her.
(By the way Ariela, who is liked by others is not my type.)

by Just Me on 20 JAN 2017 15:43


Evelina is a very nice and fun lady. She was a bit shy, that’s why she looks so serious. But we would love to shoot her again soon.

by Jarda on 20 JAN 2017 15:43
Just Me

Kay a Regular Model?

Kay is still a bit shy, which is nice to start with. She has a full but still firm body. I love her pretty face and those firm boobs. It would surely be nice to see her again.
On a side note I like it when a model spreads and shows her natural lubricant between the slightly parted pussy lips - as Kay did so nicely during the photo shoot.

by Just Me on 20 JAN 2017 15:06


She is not on our to-shoot-asap list, but when we have a while, we would love to see her cute face in front of our cameras.

by Jarda on 20 JAN 2017 15:06
Just Me


With so many beautiful models at your disposal it is not always fair to ask for a particular one. Yet I want to support "Randomraccoon". If you can get Jasminne back possibly for more than one shoot that would be much appreciated.

She is so full of energy and just seems to open up easily. I like it how you take your models from the more innocent stage to become more naughty and adventurous. I have the feeling Jasminne has that potential. It would be great to see her in such a role. She has such a beautiful fleshy great tan pussy with a lovely pink centre line.
If she is willing please bring her back.

by Just Me on 20 JAN 2017 13:07


We proposed her another shooting, so let’s hope she will be interested.

by Jarda on 20 JAN 2017 13:07


Can you give us a little hint of what you have planned to Ariela? Masterbation, or with a girl, more erotic video, or more pictures like these. Love her look!

by Tom on 20 JAN 2017 02:00


We will start slow with her, but we will of course try to get as far as possible with her.

by Jarda on 20 JAN 2017 02:00

Jenna and Li Moon

Please more, more videos of Jenna and Li Moon!!!
Please Videos with toys!!!
Does she pee???


by Uriel on 18 JAN 2017 12:41


Both girls want to shoot only very soft styles as of now… We’re negotiating some masturbation with Li Moon, it’s on a good track and hopefully it will happen soon.

by Jarda on 18 JAN 2017 12:41


Glad to see there will be a set of her soon. My wish is to get some good pussy shots of her as it's so beautiful and if there would be a way to see her pee that would be so pleasurable to see. Some close ups of her being eaten by another hot girl would be very nice also.

by Tomas on 18 JAN 2017 11:17


We will try all that, but we will have to start slow with her.

by Jarda on 18 JAN 2017 11:17


It looks like there may be a 2nd part to Ariela's casting video. Is there more of the video and when would we see it? Thank you.

by Nash on 16 JAN 2017 22:31


There was supposed to be, but unfortunately she didn’t want to shoot anymore. But there will be a set with her soon.

by Jarda on 16 JAN 2017 22:31


Massively disappointed to learn that Sapphira has stopped doing nude modeling. Will really miss her, she was perhaps the best model ever to grace this site. Sincerely hopes she changes her mind and comes back. She is still quite young.

Having said that, you better find someone who pees as strongly, as beautifully, and with as wide a smile as Sapphira does. May be Milla, or Resha? :-)

And some peeing action is overdue now, anything lined up in the near future?

by Zoltan on 15 JAN 2017 19:45


We will miss her too! It was always such a pleasure to work with her!

We are looking for our new pee-star as we speak. There will be a pee video with Angel B. coming out soon, hope you’ll like it!

by Jarda on 15 JAN 2017 19:45


Love Ariel and her innocence. Is she a one time model? Any chance of getting more erotic photographs and videos of her and masterbation?

by Nash on 15 JAN 2017 14:16


We hope she will be our new star! But it all depends on the feedback she gets here.

by Jarda on 15 JAN 2017 14:16

Yes, Ariela

I love it how you present (yes) a living goddess like Ariela and ask us what we think of her. As if thinking is something I can even do in the presence of her set. As if. What can I say? I'd love to see how she grows into a W4B star. She really creates a sensation as she poses. Your photographer caught her moods nicely -- those eyes, which seem to know everything about you and yet willing to go along and follow you everywhere, laughing -- along with how she gracefully moves her taut, yummy body like everything is a dance, everything is to please you. I liked the casting video for her laughs and expressions between her poses, landing in them like she owns them. I bet she can act and really make a video intimately with just the camera. She's like a tall glass of champagne, bubbly and fizzing with energy, but oh when she slows down and seriously gets into something, and her eyes catch hold of you, brother, look out. Yes, oh yes, please allow us the pleasure of her company for many more sets to come!

by Sky on 15 JAN 2017 08:29


Wow, what an eloquent feedback! We will make sure that there will be more of Ariela in the future!

by Jarda on 15 JAN 2017 08:29


Happy 2017! Jasminne is my number one favorite...truly gorgeous! Will we see more of her? Thanks!

by randomraccoon on 13 JAN 2017 23:05


Happy 2017 to you too! We were not planning to shoot her anymore, but maybe one more set wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’ll ask her if she’s interested.

by Jarda on 13 JAN 2017 23:05


I am a new member. Though I love all of your beautiful models, I must say that Sophia is in a class all by herself. Please, please, PLEASE!!! let us see move of this heavenly creature. In particular, please persuade her to do a true masturbation video. What I would give to see that! She is pure perfection and she exudes sexuality.

by Handyman32 on 10 JAN 2017 15:30


We agree with you! We will do everything possible to get a masturbation video with her.

by Jarda on 10 JAN 2017 15:30
Just Me

Milla Go Green

This Film was made Just for Me! Firstly I prefer films to pictures. I love outdoor movies. And I have never seen great boobs like Milla's bouncing so beautifully for an extended jogging exercise. Starting off softly with a short top nicely revealing half of the action, than topless jogging followed by other exercises and more revealing play, getting more tantalizing as the film progresses. All ending with a beautiful smile and a lovely good bye.
My compliments to the choreographer, the photographer (must have been a challenging peace of work) and above all of course Milla.
It seems to me you have quite a few sporty models and a great team. Please make more films like this.
Right now this is my all time favourite movie (with the exception of Casablanca of Course).

by Just Me on 10 JAN 2017 13:00


Thank you for your appreciation. It’s a real pleasure to work with Milla, so it was more like a nice afternoon spent with a gorgeous girl running naked through a forest.

by Jarda on 10 JAN 2017 13:00
Just Me


You have a great habit of making movies with an 'out of the ordinary' setting. This is definitely one of them. although the aquarium only offers very confined space. Nancy makes the most of it. It is such a great shot when she masturbates against the glass wall, showing the movement of her labia around the dildo and even the cloudy escape of her natural lubricant when the dildo escapes her vagina the first time. Totally unusual and amazing.
Thanks Nancy for these special views!

In the past you had some adventures in the snow. Might we see some new ones on future? I guess there should be some snow in your parts of the world right now. And I know it is probably not fair to ask for such settings.

by Just Me on 10 JAN 2017 09:52


We’re very happy to hear you like our experiments! We are planning to make a snow session, but first we need to find a model who’s not afraid of winter.

by Jarda on 10 JAN 2017 09:52
Just Me

Sybil Casting Film

A lovely very sensual film. As somebody mentioned it quite some time back it is not nice to have background music in your films - I agree.
But in this movie having some nicely matching music in the beginning just helps to create the right stimulating atmosphere. It is also very well made to fade it out for the soft masturbation part that follows.

You have managed to underline the girl's beauty and created an artistic yet stimulating movie. Would be nice to have more of this may be even a bit more revealing (some gaping) towards the end.

by Just Me on 09 JAN 2017 09:22


We appreciate both the praise and the critique! There will be more of Sybil in the future and hopefully, she will do some gaping for us.

by Jarda on 09 JAN 2017 09:22
Just Me


You have done it again! Convincing a top model to share her beauty with us.
She is simply gorgeous, a great body and seemingly a lovely personality. Please persuade her to give us many more enjoyable events with her.

by Just Me on 09 JAN 2017 08:00


We are happy you like her so much.
We have contacted her already and we will shoot her again as soon as she’s available!

by Jarda on 09 JAN 2017 08:00

Any more Sapphira left?

I read that Sapphira have sadly quit erotic modelling. Are there still any unpublished material that will come out here at W4B? I think she is the most beautiful model ever so she will be dearly missed!

by Peter on 09 JAN 2017 05:30


We usually publish everything as soon as possible, so it’s fresh. But we will dig through our archives and maybe something will surface.
She will be dearly missed indeed!

by Jarda on 09 JAN 2017 05:30