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Update on Haily Sanders

Been looking forward to more content from this model with the innocent smile. Been a while since her debut and hope she will return for more sets here. Her smile was so innocent that I want to see her be naughty and pee in front of us or pleasure herself.

by DirtyOldMan on 16 MAR 2019 09:19


I agree with you! I’ll see if we can have her again.

by Jarda on 16 MAR 2019 09:19

Tina Tee

New model Tina Tee is gorgeous. We need more content of this model and soon.

by DirtyOldMan on 16 MAR 2019 09:14


Thanks for letting us know! If she gets more positive feedback, we will get her back.

by Jarda on 16 MAR 2019 09:14
Ariel lover


Thank you for your response. Can’t wait to see this beautiful girl again. Also with the new material planned do you think she will do doggie style masterbation with a toy?

by Ariel lover on 12 MAR 2019 14:22


My pleasure! I don’t see why not, she’s generally quite easy going about the poses.

by Jarda on 12 MAR 2019 14:22
watte 69

Model Brit

.great job.
.keep it up.

by watte 69 on 10 MAR 2019 12:12


Thanks, will do!

by Jarda on 10 MAR 2019 12:12
Ariela lover

More please

So I’m really wanting more of Ariela. Is it possible to post some material soon and can you get closeups of that perfect pussy of hers?

by Ariela lover on 08 MAR 2019 22:05


Yes, there will be more of her soon and we are preparing for a brand new production with her too.

by Jarda on 08 MAR 2019 22:05
This Is Me

JASMINNE - what a BEAUTIFUL,Exotic Woman

- it sad to hear her family; was upset. i can't understand why? but then again she's NOT my daughter nor related to me.So respect.
unfortunately, there's soo much she would've progressed towards with the W4B family. ohh my goodness.

personally; i want to ask the model recruiter(s) of W4B can you'll FIND / LOCATE more lovely exotic ladies from JASMINNE's country / Similar ???
i've never graced upon such exotic beauties such as her before ( and i travel a bit ), she's soo exotically damn naturally beautiful. Please GIVE US MORE since she's Not going to stay .

- also i have to say; A HUGE Thank You for her photo set " BIG APPLE " . no PUN Intended but it Literally BLEW Me Away, that is 1 of the most Erotically stimulating Sets of an Exotic Beauty ever here at W4B. that's just Sooooo OMG WoW!!!

as a Fan,Member. I'm More then Happy on my Membership here. But PLEASE I BEG ( i'm NOT a Begger ) PLEASE MORE Exotic Beauties Like JASMINNE !!!!
those Features, Those Long Sexy Legs, That Face,Those Eyes, That Jawline,The Lips, The Tight Young Tajikistan Ass, Those Natural Fleshly Pink Vaginal Walls, Her Sweet Tight Young Vulva To That Just Melts Your Heart & Makes You Smile. Thank You W4B Team. Your The Best.

- Signed; This Is Me

by This Is Me on 08 MAR 2019 11:54


It would be nice to have more girls like Jasminne, however her country is predominantly Muslim, with not very open mentality, so I really doubt we can have more girls from there. We had a chance to work with Jasminne because she is a rebel at heart and she came to Europe to study.

by Jarda on 08 MAR 2019 11:54
This Is Me

a note about Denisse Gomez with RESPECT

- for those who asked about her; it was Clearly Obvious to me Denisse was / became Pregnant. when noticed the Body changes in her photos. Like c'mon. you can only hide but soo much in photos. especially being pregnant. for a PERFECT example of this is grace upon her Bosoms with earlier photos vs more towards the latter photos. its soo Obvious she became pregnant / was pregnant. anyone whos ever had kids / children Should've caught on. her breasts always looked Perfect-Beautiful. but when the BLOOMED More / Fuller i knew it wasn't a typical woman thing. it was clearly obvious she became mother with child.
- and i want to say to Ms.Denisse Gomez. Thank You; Thank You soo Much for presenting us with your natural South American beauty that you display and blessed us with during your long and well respected career / occupation with the W4B team & fans a like. I Wish you the best in your New Motherhood -Family life. go in peace, stay blessed love. Thank You For Gracing Us with Happiness here at the W4B Family & Fans.

- With Love, Mr.This Is Me.

by This Is Me on 08 MAR 2019 11:35


To many men, women’s bodies are a mystery, so I can see how a lot of people may have missed the signs of her pregnancy. She sometimes reads this forum, so she might see your message, I bet it’ll make her day!

by Jarda on 08 MAR 2019 11:35
This Is Me

request for MORE of Amelia Pearl

- hey GREAT,WONDERFUL job on Amelia Pearl. Absolutely Loved her last video. when i first saw her i enjoyed her youthful look appearance. however she has grown on me like a hypnotic formula. thank you btw W4B.
- my heartfelt request is PLEASE can we have POV Close up of Amelia Pear in Full Nude Oil Body Down To Her Feet in a Masturbation Video With NO Dildo just her & her fingers fully exposed ? to me dildo's can be a distraction (my own opinion ), i don't mind it few times JUST NOT All the time.

would love to / enjoy a 4K / HD video of Amelia Pearl Like This PLEASE!!
soo much thank you for listening guys.

by This Is Me on 08 MAR 2019 11:27


We have decided not to work with Amelia until she gains some weight. In the last few sets she was way too skinny and she didn’t look healthy. But as soon as she’s back in shape, it’ll be our pleasure!

by Jarda on 08 MAR 2019 11:27

Denisse Gomez

Hi, I am back after a few years of absence. I heard that Denisse Gomez unfortunately stopped but I never heard the reason. I never really understood why she stopped :(

by Alma on 07 MAR 2019 23:35


Welcome back! Denisse is a mom now and feels that she should not show her body online anymore.

by Jarda on 07 MAR 2019 23:35

Abella Jade

It's been more than a month I didn't see Abella. I've been waiting for her everyday, please bring her back Jarda.

by Chidu on 05 MAR 2019 01:02


She will be back soon!

by Jarda on 05 MAR 2019 01:02

Abril pee scene

The promised lovely pee scene with Abril has not been published right? When is it due?

by Bob on 22 FEB 2019 13:31


Not yet, it will be published next week.

by Jarda on 22 FEB 2019 13:31

Leona Mia

Sorry, my English is not soo good.

But at the moment, I really fall in love with Leona Mia <3
She is so incredible beautiful. Here gorgeous, skinny body, her brown eyes (in German, we say "Reh-Augen", in English maybe like deer-eyes (?).
Her natural charisma impressed me so much. .
A lovely, nice and kindly dream girl ...
In front of the camera and certainly also in the backstage and in her private life.

I wish her all the best in your personal life and good luck in this hard business.
May she made only the best experiences at all!

by pleasure71 on 17 FEB 2019 15:03


Leona will be happy to hear your compliments! We will have more material with her soon, so stay tuned!

by Jarda on 17 FEB 2019 15:03

Problems playing recently downloaded videos?

Anyone else having problems playing videos downloaded during the last 2 weeks or more? If not what video player(s) are you using? All videos downloaded prior to the last 2 weeks play fine for me. Responses welcomed. Thanks.

by cornuskousa on 13 FEB 2019 12:06


What player are you using and what version of the videos have you downloaded? It may be the 4K videos, try getting VLC player and/or upgrading your browser.

by Jarda on 13 FEB 2019 12:06

Maria ist die Beste

Hatte mir sehr viele Videos von Maria angeschaut.Top Figur und geile Beine.Hoffe es kommt noch mehr von ihr.Grüsse aus Germany.

by nautilus on 12 FEB 2019 09:16


Hi to Germany! Yes, there will be more with Maria, but maybe you should check her personal website as well!

by Jarda on 12 FEB 2019 09:16


Is the site gonna move to https soon?

by xubuntu on 10 FEB 2019 14:01


yes, we are working on it

by Jarda on 10 FEB 2019 14:01


Perfect Location for this cute Lady... the photos making me hungry for another video-sequence... hope to see her, satisfying her pussy in a perfect way...

by ring4evernew on 10 FEB 2019 07:35


Very soon here, or pretty much anytime at her own personal website, it’s linked in the text of the update.

by Jarda on 10 FEB 2019 07:35


Seriously, if there is a sexier woman in the world than Denisse I would love to meet her, she is such a natural in front of the cameras, more please

by megabetaboy on 09 FEB 2019 20:33


We couldn’t agree more, unfortunately she has retired from the business of erotic shootings.

by Jarda on 09 FEB 2019 20:33

Be My Lover

Thank You Clarisse; that was Fucking Hot. You are a doll !

by Apollo on 07 FEB 2019 04:07


Can’t agree more! She will be back soon!

by Jarda on 07 FEB 2019 04:07

Re: Pee scenes please

Apart from the pee scenes promised with Abril and Irene, I hope you're planning more of them in the near future, either in the snowy outdoors of the Northern Hemisphere winter, on indoors!

by Bob on 05 FEB 2019 19:40


Good point, we should really make some soon!

by Jarda on 05 FEB 2019 19:40

Ariela is hot

This may be too much information, but my wife is almost more in love with Ariela than I am. She has never been with a girl before and shocked me last month when she saw some of her videos and pictures and said she would love to eat her pussy and have sex with her. We now have sex looking at Ariela videos and pictures or she will give me a blow job while I watch and we both usually cum when she opens her pussy wide. You say she will be back and wonder if she would do a longer video of showing her open pussy for the world to enjoy. She’s helping our marriage.

by Alexla on 02 FEB 2019 19:31


That is such a nice message! I’m sure Ariela would be thrilled to be a turn-on for both of you!

by Jarda on 02 FEB 2019 19:31